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Design Elements

  Fundamental Capabilities
Case Management Objects The fundamental components of the case management system.
Case Types Different kinds of cases sharing common functionality.
Multi Step Tasks Ad Hoc processes created dynamically by users.
Application Branding Use your corporate logo and colors.
Mobile Access Access an application on a mobile device.
URL Addresses Link to specific pages from emails and applications.
Macros Take multiple actions at the click of a button.
Quick Text Add snippets of text to an email. Include variables.
Rules and Rule Sets Respond to record events, timer events, and scheduled events using if-condition-then-take-action procedures, with zero programming.
Processes Interactively design a flowchart of user tasks, approvals, and automated activities.
Web Services Automate data interchange with external web services
External Data Sources Use a Web Service to display related records retrieved from an external data store.
SLAs Define Service Level Agreements, specifying objectives and escalations.
Task Notifications Determine when a new task owner gets a notification message.
Application Testing Test your automations to make sure they're working.
Email Channel Create cases and record comments from incoming messages. Reply with a click.
Service Portal Allow registered users and guests to create cases, interact with your user community, and/or access your knowledge base.
Facebook Channel Create cases and respond using Facebook.
Web Forms Send data from a remote site.
Dashboards Custom overview using a variety of Widgets.
Email Templates Pre-formatted messages with template variables.
Document Templates Formatted output: HTML, PDF, Word, PowerPoint.
Reports Summarize data in platform objects.
Charts Pie charts, bar charts, graphs.
Database Views Advanced reports using database queries and joins.
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