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A Global Picklist is a type of field that contains a list of values, and performs much the same as a Picklist field. The difference is that Global Picklists contain the kind of default values commonly used in all applications. These predefined fields save time and can be used in any object, or modified as needed to meet your unique business needs. See the list of Predefined Global Picklists for more information.

Global Picklists are ideal for common values, such as prefixes / suffixes / state abbreviations, types of products or equipment, or other values that a user must choose from.


Users that have the Customize Objects permission can create or edit a Global Picklist. 
Compare to Picklist
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Create or Edit a Global Picklist

  1. Click GearIcon.png > Customization > Global Picklists
    To Add a Global Picklist, click the [New Global Picklist] button
    To Edit a Global Picklist, click the name of an existing Global Picklist
  2. In the Picklist Information section:
    • Name - Name of the Global Picklist
    • Show first value as default - Otherwise, the field has no default value.
    • Sort list alphabetically - Otherwise, fields are displayed in the order you specify.
  3. In the Packaging Options section:
    • Specify whether a package installer can add, edit, or delete the Global Picklist.
  4. Click [Save].
    The Global Picklist is created.
    The Picklist Values section is displayed.
  5. In the Picklist Values section:
    • Click [Add Value] to add an item to the Global Picklist.
    • Click [Manage Values] to add or edit multiple values.
    • Click [Reorder Values] to specify the order in which they are displayed.
  6. When done, click [Save]
Learn more: Manage and Reorder Enumerated Values

Predefined Global Picklists

The following list displays some of the Global Picklists that are available in the platform. These lists are built into the existing applications and can be modified as needed.

  • Account Type
  • Call Type
  • Case Status
  • Country
  • Industry
  • Salutation
  • US States