Multi Step Tasks

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About Multi Step Tasks

Like a Process, a Multi Step task can include User Tasks and Approval Steps. It can also branch backward to an earlier step when approval is refused, or forward to a later step. Just like a Process, each step in the Multi Step Task generates an entry for a designated user, either in the form of a task to carry out, or an approval to grant (or withhold) after reviewing case data.

Of course, a Multi Step Task doesn't include advanced features like parallel paths--but then, there is no need to create a Process flowchart, and no need to start the process using a Rule or an additional user action. Just create the Multi Step Task, and off you go!

Working with Multi Step Tasks

Creating a Multi Step Task

  1. When viewing a case record, or a record in another object, click Add Task
  2. In the dialog that appears, select Multi Step
  3. Give this (miniature) process a Title
  4. For each step:
    • Provide a Description for the task
    • Specify the User or Team assigned to carry it out
    • Optionally, specify a Due Date
    • Designate it as a User Step or an Approval Step
    • For an Approval Step, specify which Step is next, after a rejection.
      (The rejection can branch backward to an earlier step, or forward to a later one.)
  5. To add additional steps, click [Add Step]
  6. Click [Save].
    The underlying process is immediately launched. As each step is completed, the task for the next step is generated.

Completing Steps in a Multi Step Task

When viewing a case record or a record in another object:

  • Tasks that are assigned to a specific user appear in the sidebar under My Tasks.
  • Tasks that are assigned to a team appear in the section under it: More Tasks.

User Steps are accompanied by a [Complete] button.

Approval Steps are accompanied by buttons to [Approve] or [Reject].

Displaying a Multi Step Task

The title of Multi Step Task appears in the sidebar, along with other processes. (A Multi Step Task is, in effect, a miniature process.)

Clicking on the Multi Step Task pops up a window that shows the steps it contains.