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Application Troubleshooting

Exception: Enter Value for Field

This error occurs when referencing a field that has a null value. Prevent the error by using the ISNULL function in an IF statement:

IF( ISNULL(field), expression-to-use-when-field-is-null, expression-that-uses-the-field )

Data Truncation Error

A data truncation error occurs when incoming data is too large to be stored. The error can occur for a number of reasons:

  • The default maximum size is 32 characters.
  • If all values are selected, the number of characters required for N labels is the sum of the sizes of all N labels plus N-1 commas.
  • That number can be reduced only if there are combinations of values that are never selected.
  • In a single-selection Picklist, Global Picklist, or Dependent Picklist a value available for selection might be longer than the maximum storage size specified for the field.
  • The combination of all fields defined in the record could be larger than the maximum size of a MySQL row (65,535 bytes).

Avoiding Duplicate Cookies

The application sets a cookie with a different path value multiple times with the same response.

Browsers will accept only one of these values; typically the value in the last header. Servers should not include more than one Set-Cookie header field in the same response with the same cookie name. The application should be configured to not return multiple “Set-Cookie” HTTP headers in the same response with the same name.

To resolve this issue, open the context.xml file from the <Install directory>/profiles/IS_default/configuration/tomcat/conf folder. Edit the <Context> tag to set it as follows: <Context sessionCookiePath="/">