Application Options

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There are several kinds of applications that can be created, or used straight out of the box:

  • ServiceDesk application
    ServiceDesk is an specialized version of a Dynamic Case Management (DCM) app that is optimized to handle incoming incident reports, service requests, or "trouble tickets". It is the initial application your organization sees and, for many, it is the only application they need.
  • Dynamic Case Management application
    A DCM app is an extended, general-purpose extension of a database application that helps to manage incoming cases (aka requests, investigations, or incidents). Your organization can have only one ServiceDesk application, but you can have as many DCM apps as you want.
  • Database Application
    A database app provides interactive design, pre-built forms, the ability to collaborate, and much more. Like DCM apps, you can have as many database apps as you want.
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Whichever option you choose, be sure to take advantage of the AgileApps Cloud platform's capabilities for Automating and Optimizing Your Activities.