Case Types

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About Case Types

It is frequently necessary to manage different kinds of Cases. For example, a bank can handle both consumer loans and commercial loans. A Banking solution would define a different Case Type for each kind of loan. Cases might be called applications, in that scenario. When an individual applies for a loan, a Consumer Loan application would be created. When a business customer applies, it would be a Commercial Loan application.

For designers, it's important to know that Case Types take advantage of Object Inheritance. That means you can define common attributes and behaviors just once, in the Cases object. A Case Type object, then, needs to define only those things that are unique to that kind of case.

Working with Case Types

Add or Edit a Case Type

  1. Go to GearIcon.png > Case Management > Case Types.
  2. Click [New Case Type] or click one of the existing case types.
  3. Configure the Case Type settings
  4. Click [Save]

Case Type Settings

Case Type Title
Enter the label that will appear in your display. For example: Consumer Loan Application
Case Type Name
This is the internal name for the Case Type object, used by program code. (A default name is generated automatically from the title you entered.)