Mobile Access

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With Mobile Access enabled, users can access and interact with the Platform from a mobile device, using an iPhone, iPad, Android, or tablet device to:

  • Search for records
  • Add and edit records
  • Complete tasks associated with the record



Users that have the Mobile Access permission can access the platform from a mobile device. 

Using Mobile Access

To use the mobile interface, visit this URL in your browser or mobile device:


After logging in, the default application begins running. It displays a list of objects, where each option is equivalent to a tab in the browser GUI:


If multiple applications exist, a Home button appears in the title bar:

  • Click it to select a different application.
  • It is also possible to log out from the Home screen.

When you select an application, the object list for that application (re)appears:


From there, you can search for records:

  1. The default search includes All objects.
    To limit the search, click the down arrow and select the object to examine.
  2. Enter a term in the search box. Press Enter to search.
    A list appears showing the number of records in each object.
  3. Click the object name to view the search results.

To view records:

  1. Click on an item in the list of objects.
    A list of records appears, using the default view.
  2. To select a different view, click the button showing multiple bars at the end of the title bar: MobileBarsButton.png
  3. To add a record, click the "plus" button in the title bar: MobilePlusButton.png
  4. Click a record to visit it.

When you click a record, the record form appears. Here is the form for a case record (a claim) in the Claims application:


To work with a record:

  1. Click on a field to change its contents.
  2. Click on the icons to perform other operations:
    • MobileMsgIcon.png - Send a message or add a private note.
    • MobileHistoryIcon.png- Display record history.
    • MobileListIcon.png - Restore the list of fields.
    • MobileRecordBarsIcon.png - Display the sidebar.
      From there, you can complete tasks associated with the record and create new tasks.