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These pages give you the information you need to develop sophisticated applications for the platform:


Building a Dynamic Case Management Application in the AgileApps Cloud (pdf)   -   A step by step tutorial for designers
Other Application Options   -   Choosing ServiceDesk, DCM, or a DB app
Developers Intro   -   Basic platform development concepts
Application Architecture   -   How things work
REST API CheatSheet   -   A quick guide to platform capabilities
Localization   -   How the platform supports localized data for users

Presentation & Logic

Classes   -   Java classes and methods
Pages   -   Custom JSP/HTML pages
Sites   -   Access for customers and external users
Static Resources   -   Upload CSS and Javascript files
SQL Browser   -   Do SQL Language queries on your platform data


Java: [APIs]   [javadocs]   [constants]   [cheatsheet]   [code samples]
  [getting started]   [class template]   [parameters]   [tests]   [debugging tips]
REST: [APIs]   [conventions]   [considerations]   [cheatsheet]   [code samples]
[error codes]
SQL: [SQL Browser]   [SQL Syntax]   [SQL Functions]   [REST]   [Java]
Web: [JavaScript]   [jQuery] & [JSON]   [AJAX and REST]     [JavaScript Functions]
[Referencing Form Fields in JavaScript]   [JavaScript Field Type Reference]


Code free: Web Services - Configure external services for automated data interchange.
URL Addresses - Link to platform pages from external applications
Code-based:   Incoming   Outgoing
SOAP:     Access an external web service using SOAP
REST:   REST API Code Samples   Use the HttpConnection Class

Objects and Identifiers

[Object Aspects]   [Custom Objects]   [System Objects]   [Composite Objects]
[Object ID]   [Record ID]   [View ID]

Development Resources

Developer Configuration   -   Set up your development environment.
Sandboxes   -   Separate development/test environments
Unit Test Framework   -   Write tests for Java code
Eclipse Plug-in   -   Use a development IDE
Client Certificate Authentication in a private AgileApps Cloud (pdf)


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