Get a Record ID

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Typically, record IDs are of interest to programmers, who get them in the return values of API calls. But it can also be desirable to get a known value for testing.

To get a record ID:

  1. Visit https://{yourDomain}/networking/rest/record/{objectName}?fieldList=id&pageSize=1
    The first record is returned.
  2. Alternatively, add a Filter Expression to the URL to retrieve a specific record.
  3. In the XML response, use the content of the <id> tag.
1. Go to a List View tab.
2. Use your browser's page-inspection tools to examine one of the folder icons FolderIcon.png in the view:
  • In Chrome, or in Firefox with the FireBug plugin:
    • Right click the folder icon and choose Inspect Element.
    • Display the page source and search for the folder image: graphics/view.png
3. You are now positioned at an image tag that displays the folder icon, surrounded by an anchor tag (<a>). That part of the HTML code looks like this:

<a href="javascript:lj_showDetailPane('...',‚Äč
      <img border="0" title="Details " alt="Details" src="graphics/view.png">‚Äč

4. In the href attribute, in the JavaScript call, there is an id parameter (highlighted above). The part after the equals sign is the record ID.