Developer Configuration

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The identifier specified here becomes the high-level package name for all classes created by the tenant.
  • When a tenant is created, the namespace is blank
  • Namespace must be unique for each tenant (each AgileApps Cloud platform instance)
  • Namespace cannot be changed in the Production Instance, and is visible as Read-only data
  • Namespace can be changed in a Development Instance
Debug Log Level
  • Determines the level of information stored in the log. FATAL is the highest level. It records the least amount of information. Each lower level records successively more information.
  • Possible values:
    • FATAL: Only fatal error messages are recorded.
    • ERROR: Error messages and fatal errors are recorded.
    • WARN: Warnings, errors, and fatal errors are recorded.
    • INFO (default): Debug messages coded into user classes are recorded, along with informative messages coded into the platform.
    • DEBUG: Debug messages coded into the platform are recorded.
    • TRACE: Every step the platform takes is recorded.


Although it is unlikely you will ever need it, the REST developConfig API can also be used to set these values.