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Monitoring is available when the Administrative Permissions for a user is enabled under Access Profiles > Global Permissions. If Administrative Permissions is not selected as part of the Global Permissions, then Monitoring is available only if the following permissions are selectively set as part of the Administrative Permissions:
  • Reporting Controls
  • Manage Global Views/Reports
  • Data Management Controls
  • Access Mass Data Operations
  • Import and Export Data
  • Manage Audit Log
Import Queue
View the Import Queue and monitor the status of Data Imports
Export Queue
View the Export Queue and monitor the status of Data Exports
Mass Operation Status
Track the status of Mass Operations
Storage Usage
View the current Storage Usage
API Call Log
Track the number of APIs that have been executed.
Audit Log
View the field-audit Log
Scheduled Job Log
View the scheduling queue to get details of scheduled jobs, their status, and their next execution date.
Unprocessed Job Log
View the jobs that failed during scheduling. Also, view the associated parameters for this failed job.
Report Schedules
View the status of scheduled reporting jobs.
Process Monitor
View the status of Processes currently running in the system.