Unprocessed Job Log

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GearIcon.png > Administration > Monitoring > Unprocessed Job Log

To view the uprocessed job log, you should have the permission to view the audit logs. To enable this permission, select GearIcon.png > Administration > Access Management > Access Profiles > {username} > Data Management Controls > Manage Audit Log

The unprocessed job log provides the list of all the jobs that have failed to schedule due to one or more reasons. The list shows the log in the form of a table with the following parameters:

  • Name
  • Type
  • Object
  • Policy ID
  • Failed On
  • Description
  • Error



  • You may see a job ID instead of a job name in some instances. This depends on the stage at which the exception occurs while scheduling the job.
  • When a job is not associated to any specific object, the object column remains blank.

You can clear all the logs from this table by clicking the Clear Unprocessed Jobs Log button at the top of the page.