Import Queue

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GearIcon.png > Administration > Monitoring > Import Queue

Examine the Import Queue

When you Import Data, a job is added to the background processing queue. The Import Queue shows job status, and displays the warning messages contained in the Import Log.

To access the Import Queue:

  1. Click GearIcon.png > Administration > Monitoring > Import Queue
    • By default, the view lists the most recently imported files first
    • The import status is displayed in the Status column
  2. Review the record counts:
    • Total - Number of records in the file
    • Processed - Number of records processed
    • Merged - Number of records merged with existing records in the platform
    • Added - Number of records added to the platform
    • Ignored - Number of records not added or deleted
      Learn more: Records Ignored During an Import


  • When a file is submitted for import, a message is displayed, indicating that the file was successfully submitted for import
  • A file being imported is listed as In Processing Queue
  • When a file has been imported successfully, the status will change to Completed

Display the Import Log

GearIcon.png > Administration > Monitoring > Import Queue > {import job} > Import Warning Details

This section of the Import Job record shows warning messages that were generated during the import, including:

  • The reason that a record was rejected (i.e. ignored)
  • Lookup fields that could not be matched to existing records

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