Database Application

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A database application is essentially a spreadsheet on steroids. In fact, you can build one by importing CSV data exported from a spreadsheet, using the Application Construction Wizard. Or you can use the Wizard to specify the objects (database tables) you need, the fields in those objects, and the relationships among them.

Once you do, you get a running, mobile-enabled application with Forms for entering and viewing data, and tabular Views of object data. You also get the ability to run Reports and generate Charts. And you get much more:

  • Add Users and define their Roles
  • Organize users into Teams
  • Determine which data is visible and how Forms are organized
  • Automate procedures using Processes and Rules
  • Define Email Templates you can use to send messages that contain record data
  • Create Document Templates that contain record data using Word, HTML, or PowerPoint
  • Create common Picklists to simply data entry
  • Define Macros so users can take multiple actions on a record at the click of a mouse

You retain control of your data, as well. You can:

Best of all, every feature of the application can be extensively customized to suit your purposes. For example, you can:

  • Send emails that integrate record data, and store those messages in the record history.
  • Use Web Forms to submit data from an external site
  • Create Sites to let external users interact with the system, without having to log in to the platform
  • Create Database Views that merge data from multiple objects, for use in Reports
  • Schedule jobs for automated housekeeping

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