What kind of application do you need?

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When you're building an application, the first decision you need to make is which kind of app to build. Then you can decide whether to run it on-premise, or in the cloud.

The cloud is always easier and cheaper. It's the best way to begin, wherever you wind up.

Different Kinds Application

Here is an overview of the different kinds of applications:

A specially-enhanced Dynamic Case Management app that is ideal for interacting with customers.
Since all of your customers access the same URL, you can have only one ServiceDesk application at a time.


Important: Some entries in the Application Catalog are customized versions of ServiceDesk. If you have one installed, you get a warning if you try to install another, because the second one will overwrite the first.

A case is any unit of work that comes in the door--especially one that will pass through multiple hands before it is done.
A DCM app is one that is optimized for that purpose.
The Cases object enables collaboration, and it keeps all pertinent information in one place.
You can have as many DCM apps as you want.
This is fundamental type of application, on which the others are built.
If you need to store data and share it with others, use a Database app.
You can have as many Database apps as you want.

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On-Premise or In the Cloud

You can develop and run your application in the cloud, which minimizes costs and eliminates the maintenance burden. But a large organization may eventually want to investigate the advantages of an On-Premise Installation.