Version 10.13 Installable (October 2019 - webMethods Suite Version 10.5)

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Release Notes for the installable version of the AgileApps Cloud platform.

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About the Installable Version

The installable version of the AgileApps Cloud platform allows you to create and manage a private cloud behind your firewall. AgileApps Cloud platform also helps you to set up a public cloud with a shared application and global data.

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The latest update to the 10.13 release is the patch version 10.13.28. To view the list of fixes, see Version 10.13.28 (January 2023).

Features in 10.13 Release

Following is the list of features that are part of the 10.13 release. The latest features are listed at the top:

Features in 10.13.27 Patch Release (January 2023) Icon new.png


This feature enables you to perform a search to find all records in the platform that contain the characters or words you specify, in the following ways:

  • You can perform a search in all the listed objects by default.
  • To perform a search under specific objects, you can update the object list by checking or unchecking the items or providing the object filter keyword in the Choose object(s) to search in text field.

See Search page for more information.

Email Channel - OAuth Configuration with POP3S

  • Setting up a new or updating the existing Email Channel with OAuth as the authentication type with IMAPS protocol was introduced in the previous patch 10.13.26. See Mailbox page for more information.
  • The configuration of OAuth with POP3S protocol is enabled in this release.

Features in 10.13.26 Patch Release (October 2022)

Improving the usability of views by providing a flexible view design

This feature enables you to customize the views according to your requirements through flexible view design.

Support for multiple file attachments in a record

This feature enables you to upload or download multiple files to record attachments. Prior to this implementation, you could upload only one file at a time to record attachments using the file uploader dialog and download the file by clicking on the attachment file items listed in the right-side panel.

Features in 10.13.25 Patch Release (September 2022)

Mailbox Configuration Settings - OAuth Configuration

  • Google and Microsoft have deprecated the basic authentication and will no longer support this feature from October 1st 2022. It is encouraged to use OAuth as the authentication type in your mailbox configuration settings.
  • If the existing configuration performed for basic authentication fails, you can change the authentication type to OAuth and follow its configuration steps.



  • All the existing mailboxes need to be reconfigured to adapt OAuth 2.0 for Microsoft and Google accounts.
  • Having the configuration performed with protocol POP3S shows inconsistent behavior. It is encouraged to use the protocol IMAPS until the issue is resolved.

Features in 10.13.24 Patch Release (July 2022)

Hide excel print in reports

  • When this option is selected, “Excel” Print option will be removed from Reports as .xlsx is the new format supported by Office 365. Hence the support for .xls files is removed in AgileApps new user interface.
  • Excel Print: Save the report as an Excel .xls file. (This option has been removed in the new user interface)

Macros in the record list view

Macros also appear on the record list view under Action in the AgileApps new user interface.

Edit and Delete option in Subforms record

In new user interface Edit and Delete option can be found under Actions column of the subform section of the main record.

Return to list

The navigation in the new runtime user interface is simplified by removing the legacy return to list functionality. The user can now directly use the browser back button to navigate between pages.

Features in 10.13.19 Patch Release (December 2021)

Support for Arabic and Hebrew Language

AgileApps now Supports Arabic and Hebrew Languages, which requires the content to be oriented right-to-left.


For security reasons the Email address and BCC options are deprecated. On saving the configuration of existing reports, these Email address will no longer receive messages.

Search results pagination in AgileApps new user interface

Search results are now displayed with pagination in AgileApps new user interface. A particular number of a page from the list can be selected, with 10/20/30/40/50 items per page displayed at once.

Features in 10.13.17 Patch Release (September 2021)

2 additional languages have been added to the AgileApps platform, Dutch and Bulgarian. For licensing and use related concerns, contact Software AG Licensing Team.

Translation entries export by Application

AgileApps platform now supports application wise export of translation entries.

Froala based Rich Text Area Editor

AgileApps platform now supports rich text editing capabilities in the Rich Text Area field type, using a Froala editor.

Features in 10.13.16 Patch Release (August 2021)

Support for Secure LDAP

AgileApps platform now supports secure LDAP.

Header sort functionality

AgileApps now supports dynamic header sort functionality in SubForms and Related Information sections.

Pagination for New AgileApps User Interface

AgileApps new user interface now allows page size control and the ability to jump to specific page in a table.

Features in 10.13.11 Patch Release (April 2021)

User sync via SSO from Identity Providers

AgileApps now supports synchronizing user detail changes from identity providers.

Features in 10.13.10 Patch Release (February 2021)

Support for Office365

It is now possible to use an office365 saved document as document template in AgileApps.

Case analytics

AgileApps now supports Case Analytics dashboard for the service desk application, in the new UI.

Features in 10.13.6 Patch Release (June 2020)

Support for Chinese Language

Chinese language is now pre-loaded into the AgileApps platform. For more information, see Supported Languages.

Features in 10.13.5 Patch Release (May 2020)

Support for CORS and CSP

AgileApps now provides an additional security layer in content loading and cross origin resource sharing policies with Content Security Policy (CSP) and Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) mechanisms. It resolves any risks related to security attacks with the implementation of CORS and CSP headers. For more information, see Security Headers Settings.

Whitelisted File Types

The file types listed in the Whitelisted File Types section of the Service Configuration page are applicable for all cloud tenants. Only the file types listed here are supported by the application.

Features in 10.13.4 Patch Release (March 2020)

Support for Portuguese Language

Portuguese language is now pre-loaded into the AgileApps platform. For more information, see Supported Languages.

Theming Templates

You can now perform theming of custom user interface templates using the ace-lib-theme package. This allows you to customize the color and typography of the components in the AgileApps custom elements library. For more information, see AgileApps Custom UI.

Features in 10.13.3 Patch Release (January 2020)

Creating a Custom User Interface

Using this Custom User Interface (CUI) feature, you can design and deploy a CUI to an AgileApps Application. You can install a template which is a zip file that constitutes all the artifacts created for CUI by the Application Developers. For more information, see How to Create a Custom User Interface (CUI).


Metering collects information related to the usage of Software AG products which in turn is later used for billing purposes. Metering uses a license file for authenticating and gathering client information. For more information, see Metering for AgileApps.

Forms 3 and 4 Column Configuration

Using this feature, you can configure the 3rd and 4th columns for a form. The 3 and 4 column configurations are applicable only for the new user interface of AgileApps. For more information, see Forms.

Features in 10.13 Release

Following is the list of features for the 10.13 release.

Single Sign on Between AgileApps and Mashzone

  • AgileApps platform is now able to send SAML assertions to Mashzone to render Mashzone dashboards on AgileApps user interface.

Customize the Number of Columns When Viewing Records in the New UI

  • User can now configure the record views to show any number of columns.
  • It applies to all views including custom object views, system object views, and system created views.
  • This customization is available with the new AgileApps user interface only.

Invoke IS Service from Business Rules

  • Users can now invoke Integration Server services from business rules.
  • A new action Invoke IS Service is now available in the Actions to Perform option under Event Rules.
  • Application Designers can configure invocation of Integration Server services on execution of the business rules with which it is associated.
  • This will be extended to all rule types (Timer Rules, Rule Sets, Scheduled Rules) in an upcoming patch. Once available in Rule Sets, application designers can configure invocation of IS services from process models.

Record Pinning

  • Users can now store their last visited records as favorites in the new UI.
  • The user can access these favorites anytime.
  • The bookmarked records are available from any screen of AgileApps.

Multi-select Picklist

  • User can make multiple selections from a list of values in a global picklist for a record field.

Record Views

  • Record views provide the user with options to activate and retain specific user-selected views as display tabs in the new UI.
  • The user can also toggle the views list.

AgileApps Runtime UI Upgrade to Angular 7

  • The AgileApps Runtime UI is upgraded to Angular 7 along with all the dependent packages.
  • This is accessibility compliant with 508 and WCAG standards.
  • Users can now choose to Preview or Activate the new Runtime user interface permanently, and avoid users from switching between the old and new user interfaces.
For more information, see New Runtime User Interface for AgileApps.

Enhancements to Record Count Handling in Case Views

  • On the Company Information page, a new setting, Record Count, is introduced. A user with the required account management permissions can enable or disable this record count option for a tenant.
  • Disabling the record count option reduces the response time to load a list view, resulting in improved browser performance.
For more information, see Company Information.

Known Issues

This section lists the issues for the release that were known when the release readme was published.

Version 10.13.27 (January 2023)

  • Search - The side panel on the results page is not in sync with the side overlay pane. When you select objects from the side overlay pane, they reflect in the side panel of the results page and vice-versa is not working as expected.

Version 10.13.16 (August 2021)

  • LJP-15938 - Empty percent and Time fields are considered as 0 for subform sorting.

Version 10.13.12 (May 2021)

  • LJP-15058 - In AgileApps, in Form Script or Field Script, when the Custom script is added in the NEW UI SCRIPT tab, it is not getting picked in New UI. The custom script is only picked up when it is added to the LEGACY UI SCRIPT tab.

Bug Fixes

Following are the fixes available.

Version 10.13.28 (January 2023)Icon new.png

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

Customer defects

  • SI#490567 - If the users want to use the time logging feature in AgileApps and need other categories than predefined, they are not able to change them.
    1. Changing the value for Hours Logged would result in them being empty or blank in the new UI later on.
    2. Adding new values to the picklist is not reflected at all.
  • SI#486542 - The user is unable to remove the following translated message in the header placed after the localized version of it in the customized emails sent via the AgileApps platform.
    (For example: "Please type your response ABOVE THIS LINE to reply. Case #010001.")

Internal defects

  • For every new tenant of the AgileApps platform, under the Policy Settings section of the Update Password Policy page, the default 'Inactive Session timeout' is set to 'Never' and it leads to causing security issues.
  • There is no proper error message displayed while saving an empty process.
  • There is no proper message displayed while updating the Update Record Locator page with any of the fields being empty. The UI shows two error messages which have the same meaning.
  • The Page Content view is not displaying as expected on Mobile.
  • When the user navigates from any of the unsaved web tabs of type ".jsp" to standard objects or anywhere in the application, it navigates without asking the user via dialog prompt if they have any unsaved changes on these JSP web tabs.
  • When the user navigates from one web tab to another, both of type ".jsp", the dialog prompt appears asking the user to leave or cancel on the current web tab.
  • Some unnecessary scroll bars are displayed on the Runtime UI of the AgileApps platform for the following scenarios:
    1. Record details.
    2. Record list with many records.
    3. Overview page that has multiple tabs.
  • The AgileApps platform is allowing the user to create duplicate section names in the Related Information section while creating Forms in the default layout.
  • The user is unable to see the translation for the error messages for those languages selected other than English.
  • When the user creates a process to send an email to a specific address and invokes the business rule during Record addition, it fails throwing an error "Error in sending mail: Empty address".
  • While configuring the Email Channel in the AgileApps platform, if any of the mandatory fields are left empty or entered the wrong information, there is no proper warning message displayed on the 'Update Mailbox' page.

Security defects

  • SI#488924 - The current third-party component fluent-hc jar version 4.2.3 used is vulnerable. It has been upgraded to a safer version 4.5.14.

Version 10.13.27 (January 2023)

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

Customer Defects

  • SI#474222 - The Timer Rule doesn't trigger when the user tries to schedule it greater than nine months in the Date field.
  • SI#483945 - The Process Model Editor throws an 'Uncaught DOMException: An invalid or illegal string was specified' error on the development console of the browser when the user includes special characters or XML-specific characters in the name of the following process blocks:
  1. User Task
  2. Executable Rule Set
  3. Call Process
  4. Web Service
  • SI#483178 - An error [object Object] gets displayed for external lookup fields when the user tries to create a record.
  • SI#486691 - The Timer Rule created on a Record doesn't trigger and thereby the user doesn't receive the mail.
  • The description in the Notes section on the side panel gets retained even after submitting it. Also if the user adds some text in the Notes editor and switches between tabs without submitting it, the unsaved notes don't get retained.
  • SI#488743 - The user is unable to delete or remove user-specific or company-specific information from the 'User Profile' section.
  • SI#486573 - There is no warning message displayed when the user enters more than 50 characters in the description fields while saving a Form.
  • When the user tries to download all the files attached to a record, the platform doesn't include some of the unique files and duplicate files while downloading.

Internal defects

  • When the user selects a language in the Available Language Settings section of the Update Company Information page and performs the same operation by adding some more languages, the previously added languages are displayed repetitively in the Language textbox.
  • The Scheduled Rule doesn't get created in the Portuguese language.
  • There is no option for the user to delete or remove the profile photo uploaded in the User Profile page of the AgileApps platform.
  • On the Dashboard > Add Widget window, when the user doesn't provide the input for the required fields, the error message is displayed twice as an inline message and on the top of the window.
  • On the New Related Information page, under the Related Information section, without providing the linking field between the two objects, the related information gets saved successfully.
  • The "isForceChangePassword" flag is set to false for an account with an expired password in the subsequent REST API login requests.
  • The hours logged in a Case are currently allowed to be negative which isn't correct as the time spent on a particular Case cannot be negative.

Security defects

  • The current X-XSS-Protection header (X-XSS Protection: 1; mode=block) is deprecated and using the same can introduce additional security issues on the client side.
It is recommended for the user to set the X-XSS-Protection header value as 0 (X-XSS Protection: 0) to disable the XSS Auditor and not allow it to take the default behavior of the browser handling the response.
  • The current third-party component Jackson Databind version 2.13.3 used is vulnerable. It is recommended for the user to upgrade to a safer version 2.14.0 to avoid vulnerabilities.

Version 10.13.26 (November 2022)

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

Customer Defects

  • SI#479893 - The SQL queries via REST return invalid values for the fields with empty values.
  • SI#484253 - With the upgrade to AgileApps version 10.13.25, the user saw the errors displayed in certain formula fields.
  • SI#484859 - The Configuration page shows empty when the user selects the Portuguese language in the 'Locale Information' section of the Edit Profile page.
  • SI#479001 - The Column-level sorting behavior is inconsistent between Views, Widgets, and Reports. All of them should have the same sortable columns. It got fixed by enabling flags for the sorting based on lookup fields on the UI.
  • SI#478776 - When a user selects 5 in the "Limit data rows display to" view wigdet, the results were shown with the default page size of 20 or the last option selected by the user. The grid paginator "Items per page" did not have the value 5 in the view widget and the issue got fixed by updating the paginator values.

Internal Defects

  • Email2Case feature doesn't work when the user configures OAuth in the Cloud Cluster environment.
  • No proper error message is displayed while saving an empty process.

Version 10.13.25 (September 2022)

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

  • SI#477508 - When a user does not select any fields in the compute, the three-level grouping report "Summary" is shown as "Record count" is enabled.

"Summary" should be visible when we select any fields in the compute.

  • SI#479242 - This issue is resolved.

Version 10.13.24 (July 2022)

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

  • SI#468857 - HTML Code in Reports and REST endpoints.
  • SI#452718 - When Base64 Decode was performed, the intermediate step "Deflated XML" had an issue where only the first half of the text was encrypted and the second half of the text was readable.
  • SI#469118 - When there is a special character(\u000b) in the text area or text field or rich text area, the REST API is not providing the response.
  • SI#471040 - The summary report shows 'No item found' in a report where grouping is enabled. The summary section should only be displayed when we select the computed column.
  • SI#472916 - On a record, if there are any unsaved changes and an associated task gets completed, no message appears notifying that data is lost. This problem is seen only for inline task completion.
  • SI#471938 - Assigning "True" value to a checkbox and having layout rule criteria, this checkbox executes the actions for ELSE instead of THEN action.
  • SI#472510 - When a user has logged out from the browser and accessed a different application object record with the URL provided in the Email with the application ID, it loads the record with the default layout instead of the assigned layout.
  • SI#5461757 - The record auto number got skipped when the record ID got mapped during import of the number for records merge. The imported records have skipped the numbers approximately equal to the number of records they imported.

Version 10.13.23 (June 2022)

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

  • ZenDesk Ticket - Configured Service portal image URL should not redirect to the current application URL.
  • SI#464409 - When a parent has multiple children with same subform object, their totals are appended with numbers starting from 1,2,3 to differentiate between Totals, which get stored in the parent table. This Total field also needs to be captured in the layout section table, so that their total reflects correspondingly.
  • SI#464722 - In the dashboard, the number of items displayed per page in the view widget was not working.
  • SI#468477 - The existing record has a subform that has an external lookup field. External lookup value is resetting to empty when a user saves existing records without modifying the subform record value.
  • SI#469242 - The positioning of the Time label for a date-time field is not aligned.
  • SI#469632 - The selected value for the look-up field in a web-form displays a blank value in the record. This is applicable when the look-up is selected as a pop-up and as a drop-down.

Version 10.13.22 (April 2022)

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

  • SI#455654 - Incorrect translation for the word "Clear" in german language is used at bookmark was translated differently at two places.
  • SI#455673 - Agileapps runtime Dashboard page has a "globe"-Icon button instead, it should have a text-icon button to make it more convenient. ((Other buttons like Edit, Restriction, etc also should be changed in similar way)")
  • SI#455743 - In Agileapps new runtime UI, a user does not have a proper end of the list and can not make sure whether there are more items in the right side List-view panel or not.
  • SI#455744 - The right-side navigation bar of the record detail page does not have a trigger to expand or collapse as the left-side navigation bar of the layout.
  • SI#455745 - When a user hovers over the table rows in Agileapp's new runtime UI, the entire row should have a visual effect like highlighting to understand which row the users are at.
  • SI#455753 - The user is confused between the words "pin record" and "Bookmark".A user is not sure if they pin the record it gets saved in Bookmark or not.
This issue is resolved. A more descriptive message is added to avoid this confusion.
  1. "Pin this record" changed to "Add this record to Bookmarks"
  2. "Unpin this record" changed to "Remove this record from Bookmarks"
  • ZenDesk Ticket - Improper input validation is implemented while creating an activity history entry.
  • SI#460208 - In Chrome browser "Form autofill" functionality is dismissing the task-approval dialog.
  • SI#462824 - An unauthorized user is able to access the Test Email feature in the Service Provider setting
This has been resolved now after placing a proper permission check.
  • SI#464208 - When a user uses a PDF format in a scheduled report and selects more than one recipient, the report is not delivered to all the recipients in the list.
  • SI#455596 - Date time field time input does not have an input label.
This issue is resolved and a user can see the Date time field time input label as "Time"
  • SI#460365 - UI is removing the value when a user types, as there is no proper ID associated with it, and when a user did not select the record from the lookup field autocomplete.
    The UI will send anything the user typed in the lookup field. It will be displaying "Select valid value" in UI
  • SI#461577 - The set picklist layout rule does not work as expected when the rule is dependent on another field value. This issue is observed in AgileApps versions 10.13.18 and above.
  • SI#455320 - "A screen reader can not distinguish between Menu and Sub-menu in the left navigation panel. Currently, all the items including objects are appearing in a single menu list.
  • SI#455571 - Lookup field action buttons do not have a visual tooltip to understand the icon usage. All non-text-contents like pictures, graphics, and icons, require a text alternative, to understand the purpose of the button.
Title attribute has been provided to the 'Open search dialog' and 'redirect record' buttons in a lookup field.
  • SI#455607 - "Agileapp's runtime UI record-form should not have any duplicate element ID, as per W3 standards.
  • SI#455759 - "Action menu icon" appears on top of the record-view-table when a user selects multiple records. "Action menu icon" should be available along with the Action column of the record-view-table.
  • SI#460494 - Users can delete a field used in Custom Access Control under Object Properties. Now restriction is added to delete.
  • SI#464772 - Not able to copy or select RTA field content when a field is disabled or read-only.

Version 10.13.21 (March 2022)

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

  • SI#455677 - File uploader dialog of Image/File field has "Add name" switch. When a user hovers on this switch, the cursor becomes a grab symbol instead of a pointer symbol.
  • SI#457057 - In the RTA field when a user wants to insert a link when there is only one line, the Insert button is barely accessible to click and does not work as expected.
  • SI#457502 - Related information records table shows records from the wrong tab when tab is clicked during record fetch.
  • SI#457665 - When a user changes the objects in the create new popup in new UI default form layout is being loaded instead of the assigned form.
  • SI#457911 - The "change reset fields" property was reset and cleared when the user updated a field in the form layout.
  • SI#458486 - Error message to be corrected from plural to singular in Messagedb to generalize the message.
A message is changed to "Please correct the error(s) on this form."
  • SI#459484 - Parent object with multiple subforms for different objects is not considered in total fields.
  • SI#459242 - When the contains parameter is null or empty the corresponding Mysql regexp becomes invalid syntax and throws error.
  • SI#455248 - In accessibility mode, Lock-icons, which indicates the restriction are not read by a screen reader. The blind user is missing this information.
  • SI#455309 - In Accessibility mode, If the lookup field has some "field hints" then the JAWS reader reads the entire dialog or main-content-area when focus goes to hints icon or lookup-field search button.
  • SI#455440 - When a Note editor is accessed through the record and selects sender for Email, the cross button of the Notes editor reads as 'GenericLabel.removeChip' by JAWS.
Now Notes editor read as "To remove press delete or backspace"
  • SI#455445 - The drop-down list for "Role" in the "Become Delegation" dialog Label input field is not focused and read by JAWS.
Now "Role" has information for the purpose of the field.
  • SI#455447 - In an accessibility mode, when a browser is zoomed to 200% the Case object view list is overlapping between list content, list headers, and table contents.
  • SI#455573 - In an accessibility mode, the Record form input field's border contrast is not as per the W3 standers.
All the Record forms have been highlighted.
  • SI#455588 - In the object list view page "Skip to main content" is not highlighting the main page menu.
  • SI#455594 - In the Notes-editor at the right panel, SUBMIT and CANCEL buttons are present at the top. It will be easy to navigate and update the record when the buttons are available at the bottom in the accessibility mode.
  • SI#455595 - In an accessibility mode, the Record-process list has non-interactable focus elements. Using TAB focus is going to the process name, but this process name is not any interactable item.
  • SI#455597 - The label for REPORT in the Left panel is 'Berichte' in Deutsch, which is not consistent with the REPORT page header title in English.
  • SI#455602 - A mandatory field should have Astrix(*) symbol to indicate it as a required field. "Create folder" dialog for REPORT that has "Visibility control" field, which is a mandatory field but Astrix(*) symbol is missing there.
  • SI#455656 - "The Date and Date-time field should have a placeholder that describes the date format so that before giving the input, a user can get to know which format has to be entered."
  • SI#455675 - Disabled items (button) should have different color effects instead of normal color when an item is enabled. In runtime UI Report, EDIT, and DELETE buttons are disabled. It should have some gray color effect instead of dark color.
  • SI#457476 - In the RTA fields, when we try to hover over the word which is in reference to a link, the cursor should change from text to pointer so that a user knows that the mouse is hovering over the word connected to a link.
  • SI#460938 - "Yes" option in "Ready To Use" dropdown property of Document Template is not translated in other than the English language

Version 10.13.20 (January 2022)

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

  • SI#456774 - When a user creates a Child object record under the Parent object records, subforms of the Child object records get duplicated after saving the Parent Object records.
  • SI#1252131 - When a record gets updated by the system and sorted through "Modified by" accending to descending, they are not sorting in order.
  • SI#450233 - Regular user access profile has limitations. A user assigned with this profile can access a few administrative URLs and can make changes. Now, administrative access is restricted. Whenever the permission is allowed to a tenant, then only the user can access these URLs.
  • SI#450232 - The Preview Email page of Send Mail has a Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability.
  • SI#452368 - When a user creates the assigned value to the picklist layout rule in the record form, as per the enumeration order provided in the picklist field configuration, the order of the picklist values display is not correct.
  • SI#452373 - In Agileapps new UI, a filter does not work if applied in the Report data within the below conditions:
  1. Manual input of date (not from date picker).
  2. 30 or 28 days from the current month.
  3. Fixed start or end date with the value 31.
  • SI#452854 - When the owner field record is set to OpenOwnership and user language is set to other languages than English, the record can not be saved.
  • SI#452874 - If the user has the same first name and last name and different email ID, the user selected is NOT the one saved to the system. It saves the other user with the same first and last name.
  • In View and Reports, Date time or time field do not show AM/PM for respective German locale i.e German (Austria), German(Switzerland), German(Luxemburg), and German(Germany).
  • SI#453339 - Case number field content is not visible in a new UI, since it has a width restriction.
A user can see the whole text for this column.
  • SI#454816 - When a locator field value is updated, the respective related information is not refreshed after saving. Due to this, a user is not able to add related information records.
  • SI#455269 - When a Record gets saved with the totals field in a subform of a child object, it shows an error while submitting a record.
  • SI#456800 - Rich text field file uploader is accepting less than 10MB files. The Rich text field file uploader file size limit is increased to 20MB.
  • SI#456955 - When a user selects the locale as English (Canada), date-time and time fields do not appear in the locale record.
  • SI#5457685
Problem Statement: Records are not showing after adding in the subform which is present under another subform in New-UI.
  • SI#450089 - New UI does not allow report filter BLANK when filtering an empty Data Field.
  • SI#5460741 - When trying to save the report in a Formula Field for Compute like Total, AVG, MIN, MAX, MOD, MEDIUM, STANDARD DEVIATION, etc, Platform throws validation error as "field(s) not supported in Computation ". However, the report works fine in the old UI, and an error is shown in the new UI for the same report.
The user can select a Formula Field for Compute in the new UI. Formula Field Report is now supported in Compute Tab for computation.
  • SI#455258 - An error message "Field(s) too long" is not displayed in the Platform user interface, when a user enters more than the limit specified by the Max Storage Length configuration of any field.
  • ZenDesk Ticket - Users can add more than 10 widgets in a dashboard column. After reloading only 10 widgets are visible. Changes made, a user can now add "only 10 widgets in a column".
  • SI#450143 - A User can not activate an inactive delegation from the delegation list view page. Platform throws an error "*null" when selecting the delegation list view page.

Version 10.13.19 (December 2021)

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

  • SI#5461500 - In the Productive environment, the attached files and images do not work after several days.
  • SI#5458265 - If user "A" has created or modified a record, all the information modified or created by user "A" becomes blank when user "A" profile gets deleted.
    Any record assigned to user "B" from user "A" is also not visible to any other users when user "A" profile gets deleted.
  • SI#5458343 - Timer Rules issue tasks not being created:
    Whenever there is a load on Scheduler, if the timer rules execution is passed, then the execution is skipped.
    Post the fix if the Scheduler is busy, the timer rules are not skipped anymore.
  • SI#5458888 - Subforms do not display the records in spite of the user having the right team data sharing permissions, post AgileApps fix upgrade to 10.13.15.
    Team id required for team data sharing is now considered in subform permissions.
  • SI#5459318 - The mark-up of checkboxes "label" incorrectly placed away from a "label-container" division in the new AgileApps runtime user interface.
    However, "label" is supposed to be inside a "label container" division like every other field, which looks correct.
  • SI#5459789 - When a layout rule is enabled for "number with decimal " field, it results in an incorrect display of decimal value, when the record is saved.
  • SI#5461447 - When creating a numbered list and changing the font list to bold, the numbers themselves do not change to bold.
  • SI#5461585 - The lookup field in the subform is not sorting the users or teams.
  • SI#5461442 - RTA field doesn't have a full screen button to edit in full screen mode.
    This issue is resolved by providing control.
  • SI#5461635 - When a child Object record is accessed through another Object related information, it gets navigated to a parent object and shown with parent form. However, it should navigate to a child object and show the child form.
  • SI#450228 - JSP page controller with the "pi" parameter has a Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability.
  • SI#450234 - In a given parameter, the document selection dialog has a Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability.
  • SI#450236 - In a given parameter, the multi-user lookup selection dialog has a Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability.
  • SI#450934 - The new UI lookup grid records do not show the translated German word JA and NEIN for checkbox field values. Instead, it is showing YES and NO. This issue will be resolved in the 10.13.19 release
    Similarly, for Views and reports, the YES word is not translated to the German word "JA". This issue will be resolved in the next translation cycle as the message is added in messageDB, which will be in January 2022.
  • SI#5457648 - The recipients added through an email address and bcc in the scheduled report were able to receive reports and see the data through email, irrespective of permissions.
    This issue is resolved by removing the BCC and Email address, for new reports creation has been done for security reasons. On saving existing reports, these email addresses will no longer receive messages.
  • ZenDesk Ticket - When a "Subform" gets added to the "Main object" and data is saved from the Subform (which has a file field), the file name is not displayed back when a user selects the edit button next time from the Subform. However, the file name is visible when the save button is used from the Main object.
  • ZenDesk Ticket - One typo error is detected in AgileApps new runtime user interface. Error is "Error while initializing record list" to be corrected to "Error while initializing record list".

Version 10.13.18 (October 2021)

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

  • SI#5453491 - DateTime field is wrong by -2 hours when set to 00:00 .This issue is observed when the date time value is printed from the java class invoked from a macro. This issue is not observed with any other time value.
  • SI#5454692 - Chinese characters are not replaced and rendered properly while printing the HTML document template.
  • SI#5455559 - Office365 word document generated using AgileApps Document Template functionality, shows a warning message on being opened.
  • SI#5456378 - Filter does not work in Junction object lookup for all languages other than English.
  • SI#5456277 - Report configuration page does not load correctly when custom formula fields are created and configured in the color coding of the report. This issue also causes un-editable reports due to invisible fields. This issue is only observed in new user interface.
  • SI#5458029 - Login report does not provide information related to SSO users.
  • SI#5458657 - User defined fields are visible twice in the user profile due to duplication, when a user profile with custom fields is saved in an authorization application.
    A check is now implemented to verify the presence of a user defined field in the personal profile form before adding it to the form.
  • SI#5458684 - Translation workbench application specific export does not work as expected, as it includes fields and labels from other applications as well.
  • SI#5458799 - "Field(s) too long" error is encountered when saving records of some objects in existing applications.
  • SI#5459071 - Rich text area field does not contain the font size menu to edit font size.
    This issue is not observed with the Froala editor online, it is only applicable to the AgileApps editor. "Font Size" menu is now available in the rich text field toolbar.
  • SI#5453103 - DateTime field renders incorrectly in the dashboard bar chart.
    This issue is not observed in certain locales such as Albanian.
  • SI#5453999 - Non-administrative regular user is not able to edit dashboard or assign the visibility of the dashboard, created by him.
    Dashboard creator now has edit permissions.
  • SI#1452157 - The contrast of the arrow icon element and calendar header buttons in AgileApps runtime user interface, has less contrast ratio as per the W3C recommendations when working in accessibility mode.

Version 10.13.17 (September 2021)

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

  • SI#5456985 - Download attachment from open office viewer fails, in AgileApps new user interface.
This issue is not observed with upload attachment.
  • ZenDesk Ticket - When user has assigned his locale with Dutch or Bulgarian, user is not able to see the saved date/datetime/time field values on the UI.
  • SI#145309 - Lexical error is encountered due to JJTree stream's inability to recognize characters other than extended ASCII set.
Placeholders now send query to JJTree stream. These placeholders are replaced with actual un-supported literals post get query.
  • SI#5455885 - AgileApps sets the HSTS header with incorrect syntax, separating the parameters by a comma instead of a semi-colon.
  • SI#5455282 - Date fields always display in yyyy-mm-dd format in subform grid records, regardless of the user date format setting.
This issue is not observed in the related information section.
  • SI#5455018 - AgileApps new user interface JavaScript API ""getDataOnPostSave()"" fails the intended operation of reject promise when the form is invalid.
It resolves the promise on success API call.
  • SI#5453846 - Direct access of the portal using URL "/networking/servicedesk/index.jsp?lang=en#_portal", is not allowed when Activate New User Interface flag is enabled in :::company information. This issue results in a redirection to "../agileapps/ui-redirect?hashString=portal/articles".
  • SI#5453981 - DOM reference variables gets overwritten
After opening subform records and while creating new related info record, the DOM reference variables in parent record's custom script context, gets overwritten . :::It would overwrite references for _sdForm and other related variable values.
  • SI#5453509 - Company Information REST API currency format response always displays ""$"" irrespective of currency locale chosen.
  • SI#5453115 - ""Active Directory authentication failed: Supplied password was invalid"" error encountered when an LDAP account logs in with the correct credentials.
The Login DN field now allows up to 200 characters.
  • SI#5452974 - AgileApps platform throws data truncation error or field too long error, when more fields are selected in the search field of record locator. This issue also :::results in index out of bond error in DTag environment.
  • SI#5452567 - AgileApps native dialog fails to load for the process view of a case that appears on the right hand side menu of the detail view. A full screen image is loaded :::instead without any interaction options.
This issue is caused by a dependency on the open office enabled status. This check has now been removed.
  • SI#5449479 - SAVE, SAVEAS, SORTING and FILTERING functionalities do not work on reports when the report filter is configured for ""Specific team"" or ""Specific users"". This :::issue is only observed in AgileApps new runtime user interface.
  • SI#5449816 - Reports summary and the option to collapse or expand detailed rows does not work for grouping reports in new user interface.
This issue is not observed in legacy user interface.
  • SI#5451583 - Number with decimals value is incorrectly copied from the lookup field when layout rule is present on that copy field.
  • ZenDesk Ticket - ""Error while evaluating expression"" is encountered when attempting to update the evaluated value on decision switch branches.
  • SI#5448399 - Multiple server restarts are required due to error accessing datastore while creating a record. This is caused by deletion of fields such as ""request_type"", :::resulting in a stale cache entry.

Version 10.13.16 (August 2021)

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

  • SI#5447372 - Record filter set up in the lookup field pop-up of a junction object with many-to-many relationship does not apply.
    Sorting also now works along with record filter.
  • SI#5447309 - Task description in the task layout page not available inside the task banner in the new UI.
  • SI#1453916 - Sorted sequence is not applied to the runtime of an object, after re-ordering the existing layout rules. This issue is not observed with layout rule edit or with :::addition of new object.
  • SI#5452755 - Missing spaces after period and comma in error message, "You have unsaved changes on this page.If you navigate away from this page,the changes will be lost."
  • SI#5450764 - Alert message is displayed multiple times, on saving a record with layout rules that contains conditions and numerous fields.
    The alert message now displays just once.
  • SI#5451835 - Active business rule stops working in production environment when package is published.
    Recreation of execute web service action in objects is required prior to package publish for the resolution to take affect.
  • SI#5451455 - JavaScript method "setLookupValue(form, field, val, text value)" fails the intended operation of reset lookup field value, when the value is selected from auto :::complete. The text value comes up as a search query in the lookup popup.
  • SI#5452439 - Report preview dialog fails, and post review report save fails when using a fixed date as date filter in AgileApps new runtime user interface.

Version 10.13.15 (July 2021)

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

  • SI#5450180 - The long content of the Subform records fields is not readable due to ellipsis.
    Now, title for the content is provided, when the user mouse hover on the content it will show the entire content.
  • SI#5449763 - Nullpointer exception encountered when translation import is attempted with German translation added to the fields.
  • SI#5449322 - In the new UI, the ""Add Team"" and ""Add Access"" buttons are not disabled or hidden for the user with no access to add or update the Team or Application.
  • SI#5449133 - Duplicate records get created when the user clicks multiple times on the save button in create record dialog box.
  • SI#5449340 - When the user interrupts the task completion process on getting the alert for the unsaved changes, the subform record is getting created twice.
  • SI#5449329 - The movement of the selected field is not visible in the view configuration, until the page is scrolled up.
  • SI#1452157 - Inside the date picker dialog box, the contrast for the arrow icon is not proper.
  • SI#1452156 - Unable to close the bookmark menu using keyboard navigation when bookmark items are not present.
  • SI#1452155 - Tooltip is missing from the Toggle views list button.
  • SI#1452114 - In New UI the tooltip for the Overview Page is updated as ""Home"". Further, tooltip for the configuration button in Left-navigation panel is missing.
  • SI#1452112 - In the left navigation pane, the contrast between the selected and unselected menu item is not clear. Moreover, the only visibility for the selected icon is color differentiation.
  • SI#5448745 - Incorrect values are copied in field types 'number with decimal' and 'currency', when using the lookup field copy data functionality with German locale. This issue results in incorrect calculations in formula fields, such as 4.00 being interpreted as 400 and value greater than 999 causing 'value is invalid' error.
  • SI#5448434 - Fields do not list in alphabetical order in business rules.
  • SI#5448433 - Field name translation does not take place everywhere in the platform, when a translation label is added to a field. One instance of such a failure is non translated field names in field list of layout rules screen. For example, UserName field changed to Requestor continues showing as UserName.
  • SI#5447915 - "Found unreadable content" error is encountered when a previously uploaded Microsoft word document template containing images with anchors, is record printed using the same template.
  • SI#5446464 - Sometime when a record is updated by two users simultaneously, no error message is displayed.
  • SI#5447818 - User GET API returns value for elements 'accessibleApplications' and 'startingAppId', for the currently logged in user instead of the specified user.
  • SI#1450625 - "Field(s) too long" exception when importing empty value into Formula field with Number as the Return Type.
    Formula fields are not considered during an import.
    Formula fields with return type are currently imported with the same status as regular return type.
  • SI#1450623 - UI alignment issues when data or field name is too long. Column headers are not visible, when scrolling down the record list.
    Table columns now do not overlap in the record list, and table headers are sticky when scrolling.
  • SI#5445279 - When the user deploys a package with an external lookup field, it is added multiple times to the target tenant.
  • SI#5447006 - Permission is not included in the subform retrieval.
    Now, when the parent object record is opened to view the subform records - the subform record view permission is used to display the list of subform records and not the :::list view permission as you are under the scope of parent record view permission.
  • SI#1449947 - The date is not highlighted properly on the calendar when focused or hovered.
    Now, a border is provided for the focused date in New UI.
  • SI#5445056 - In the new UI, when the language selected is other than English, the application page gets blank when opened from the AgileApps Designer page.
  • ZenDesk Ticket - User can access the scheduled report created by another user from the new user interface using URL alteration.
    Now, a permission check is enforced in API.
  • SI#5446227 - Identical first and last names in the suggestion list of user assignee in the new UI, creates difficulty in assignment.
    This issue is resolved by including user email ID along with the user name.
  • SI#5442921 - In the new UI, the URL field is not supporting the special characters of the language other than English, and some valid URLs are not getting validated.
  • ZenDesk Ticket - The complete internal path gets disclose in the server machine of the profile photo of the user during response of unsuccessful upload.
    Now, the complete file path is not shown.
  • ZenDesk Ticket - Record file attachment through Burp tool has a Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability.
  • SI#5442493 - A task cannot be sent to a user retrieved from a webservice. The task is sent to the system account instead of the user. Record parameters repopulate without any issues, when used with a webservice. However, record parameters do not repopulate with execute rule set.
  • SI#5445107 - The bookmarked record title is not getting updated when the record locator value is changed.
    Now, the bookmarked record title will get updated when the user saves the record.
  • SI#5442920 - No alert or error message pops up when the form layout is modified by two users simultaneously.
  • SI#5442915 - Missing, incorrect or unintelligible German translations in runtime UI.

Version 10.13.14 (July 2021)

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

  • SI#5449344 - Parent records can be associated with related records through the use of lookup fields. In lookup fields configuration, copy data can be configured such that related records are prefilled from data in parent records. In related information section, this copy data functionality is failing on first attempt.
  • SI#5449470 - The dropdown lookup fields copy data functionality is not working.
  • SI#5449506 - The Copy Data feature for lookup fields displayed as a dropdown is not working.
  • SI#5449472 - In New UI, when a user uses the Lookup field in the filter criteria of another lookup, the record filter is working incorrectly.
  • SI#5449393 - In New UI, when a user uses the Lookup field in the filter criteria of another lookup, the record filter is working incorrectly.

Version 10.13.13 (June 2021)

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

  • SI#5433199 - The template variable is not properly replaced in document templates when sending the document template as attachment in an email template.
  • SI#1440847 - AgileApps New UI platform supports the zooming option of the browser but not supporting the Font-Size variations.
  • SI#5439758 - When the user revisits the AgileApps running browser, the pop-up window for the session timeout does not dismiss even after the session expires.
  • SI#5439760 - When the user with restricted access tries to edit the profile, the prompted error message is ambiguous.
  • SI#5440666 - For the iPhone users, the drop-down arrow for application switch and views switch is not visible.
  • SI#5440684 - When a user enters a value in a number field with more than 21 digits, an incorrect error message "Invalid format: Please enter numeric values without decimal points only" is displayed.
    Now the correct error message is displayed.
  • SI#5440675 - An error is encountered, when double quotes are added in a custom validation.
  • SI#5441314 - In the "Create New Validation" page of Legacy UI, the field label and hint text is exceeding the visible space. Therefore, the field label and hint text get hidden.
  • SI#5441673 - The standard fields like DATECREATED, DATEMODIFIED, RECORD_ID, CREATEDID, MODIFIEDID, OWNERID were not appearing in compute fields of the REPORTS.
    Now, these fields are appearing in compute fields of the REPORTS.
  • SI#5442274 - When the user is importing the number field with empty values, "0" appears.
    Now, in MYSQL "NULL" is inserted instead of "0".
  • SI#5442429 - In AgileApps, sorting the search results is not available.
    Now the user can sort the search results only in New UI.
  • SI#5442980 - An error occurred when the user wants to modify the Field Title with the identical name as in a parallel branch in inheritance.
  • SI#5443046 - When the user uses the lookup field to copy data to create a new record, the checkboxes are marked even when the checkbox in the source record is not marked.
  • SI#5443115 - When the result of a formula is greater than 0.00001, the result is rounding off to "0".
  • Now the limit is increased from 0.00001 to 0.0000001.
  • SI#5443369 - In New UI, in a subform of a record, the mapped value is triggered every time when the edit function is clicked.
    Now when the user selects a record from the lookup field only then copy data will trigger.
  • SI#5443216 - The user cannot access a Related information record when the record locator is empty.
    Now, the user can access the Related information record with the record id when the record locator is empty.
  • SI#5443925 - On creating a subform total field in the Default form Child1 and Child2, the total field is getting created twice in form Child2.
    Now, the user can create only one total field of the subform in the Child forms.
  • SI#5444417 - In a record form, when a user fills in the rich text area and then scroll to fill other fields, the toolbar of the text area moves along with the page scroll.
  • SI#5444140 - When a user types the name in the lookup field and saves it, the record gets linked to the respective named record. But, then the filter option does not show the correct records.
    Now, the user has to select the record from the list in the lookup field to create a link with the saved records.
  • SI#5444823 - The download and print pop-up window is not opening correctly when a user uses two screens.
    Now, the pop-up screen will appear in the center of the screen.
  • SI#5445164 - When the user tries to assign a task to himself by clicking on the link "Assign to me" in "Owner > Assign" for the first time, it does not work when the Assignee field is empty.
  • SI#5445627 - In New UI, the hint icon surfaces on top of the checkbox field.
    Now the hint icon is moved to the right side edge of the checkbox field.
  • SI#5443405 - When the user selects "Select all" in the "multi select picklist" field, the option "Deselect all" is unavailable.
    Now the option "Deselect all" will always be available.

Version 10.13.12 (May 2021)

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

  • SI#5437943 - When the user saves a record with Picklist field values populated at runtime, an error occurred.
    Now, the field "Skip Value Validation" is added. When checked, there will be no validation error for the Enumerated Values. By default, this option is unchecked.
  • SI#5439757 - In the mobile application, to create a record, the user needs to select the object from the home page. The record creation option is not available after the object is selected.
    Now, the user can create a record after selecting the object. In this case, the user will not have to choose the object, it will be auto-selected.
  • SI#5440001 - An image attached to a record is not displayed when the record is printed.
  • SI#5440667 - When the field is assigned a number with decimal through form script and these fields are involved in a formula, the formula field is not calculating the result in decimal.
  • SI#5440778 - By default, the language attribute value for the AgileApps application is English. When a user starts the application in a language other than English, the Google Translator starts translating the web page.
    Now, the language attribute value for the AgileApps application is left blank until the application loads.
  • SI#5440929 - In New UI, the section header and the fields always turn red in certain conditions in a Form. The fields return to the normal state, but the section header remains red even after the layout rule/condition is changed.
  • SI#5440932 - The server admins can see some unrelated error messages in the relational.log.
  • SI#5441053 - In Related information of any record, on clicking the 'next' buttons to see the next set of records in pagination, the 'back' buttons get disable.
  • SI#5437602 - An error appears when the user uses the formula field of type Number with Decimal in Formula Expression to create a new Formula field of the same type.
  • SI#5441524 - The newly added task which is created programmatically through business rule is not visible in the Task list.
  • SI#5442247 - The value in the checkbox field is not showing correctly in the 'Related information' table when any other language is chosen apart from English.
  • SI#5442251 - The behavior of isEmpty() API of Parameters class is different for params.getParams().isEmpty() & params.isEmpty() and it's returning different results.
  • SI#5441655 - In the Task form, on clicking the link button of the lookup field, it navigates to the record in the background and not in a separate tab.
    Now, on clicking the link button, the record opens in a separate tab.
  • SI#5441901 - In New UI, when the user sets the date field value from the onChange script of another field, the date field does not update in DOM. The value resets to the value used in the onChange script, on saving.

Version 10.13.11 (April 2021)

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

  • SI#5441685 - When the value of the Picklist is set in the Layout Rules, the Picklist options does not show in the user-selected language.
  • SI#5433210 - Business rules gets executed as a system user, into which the user-preferences of the executing user are used. When the system user and executing user have different date format preferences, there were discrepancies while copying the preferences between the two users.
  • SI#5433687 - When the user is no longer active in the LDAP server or the user is removed, synchronisation of the user state with the platform is not happening.
  • SI#5434540 - The right side action panel automatically switches to the bottom of the page, when zooming out from the record details page on a large screen. This issue is not observed with zooming in.
  • SI#5434755 - A user with regular access profile is not able to change the language in personal setup. All other settings such as date-format work as expected.
  • SI#5435955 - The discard of unsaved changes operation on a parent record is failing in the new UI, when combined with the use of sub-forms. This issue is specifically noticed on parent record cancel action, that contains a modified sub-form. On the UI, this will be observed as repeated appearance of the prompt "You have unsaved changes on this page...". This issue did not exist in the legacy UI.
  • SI#5436219 - In New UI, when in the layout rule the lookup field is disabled in form, and the value of a disabled field is set as the target for the lookup field to filter the related information, the user is unable to get any result in drop-down. This issue is not observed in legacy UI.
  • SI#5436444 - In New UI, configuration of the AgileApps JSP page URL is trying to render with the same domain, when opening or accessing a webtab, instead of the provided domain.
  • SI#5436952 - Arranging the fields by clicking on arrow icons is difficult in Reports.
    Now, you can use the keyboard key Alt+arrow to move the fields up or down and also from "Available" to "Selected".
  • SI#5436674 - In New UI, auto-complete suggestions are inconsistent with the quick search result in "User Lookup Field." When you search with the exact name (full name) in "User Lookup Field" all the similar names also appear as auto-complete suggestions.
  • SI#5437250 - Error is encountered on saving the parent record which has a subform. This is observed when the lookup field is not added to the layout. This issue is not observed in Legacy UI.
  • SI#5437084 - In New UI, the view of the Reports is "card". When there are lots of reports it takes too much space and therefore it gets difficult for the user to find a report.
    Now, there is an option to view the reports in a "list". The user can store the report view preference in the browser's local storage.
  • SI#5437086 - The Subform grid columns are not of equal size. The column width expands when more content is added.
  • SI#5437089 - In New UI, the scrollbar is thin which makes it difficult for the user to grab and scroll the content of the table. This issue exists for the Google Chrome browser only.
    Now, the thickness of the scrollbar is increased, which helps the user to grab and scroll easily.
  • SI#5437398 - When the user sorts the report by "priority" criteria and the field "priority" is also selected in the color code tab, then the color code feature does not work properly.
  • SI#1440846 - The name of the objects on the left navigation menu is not displayed entirely and gets truncated. The issue was observed in accessibility mode and non-accessibility mode.
    Now, on mouse hover onto the truncated name, the full name will be displayed as title.
  • SI#5438166 - When the user selects the value in the multi-value lookup field, the value is displayed as the html text. The value is not displayed properly in the table in reports. This issue is not observed in legacy UI.
  • SI#5438341 - In New UI, in the report configuration, when the user selects the mean computation values and saves them, the mean values are not retaining on a revisit of the report. Moreover, the "mean" field is picking up the value given in the "maximum" field. In the "maximum" field, when the user selects more than one value and tries to delete the first value the chosen value is not getting deleted, instead, the last value is getting delete.
  • SI#5439763 - Arranging the fields by clicking on arrow icons is difficult in View configuration.
    Now, you can use the keyboard key Alt+arrow to move the fields up or down and also from "Available" to "Selected".
  • SI#1442805 - In the reports color code tab, the field selected is not showing the respective operators in the operator list.
  • SI#5434530 - In New UI, Reusable JavaScript function is not available to be called in “On Change” and “On Focus” events from field script. This issue is not observed in legacy UI.
  • SI#1440849 - In New UI, the users using the Accessibility mode were having difficulty in finding the focused value in the auto-complete list. The focused value is not highlighted properly.
    Now, the border is provided for the focused value in New UI.
  • SI#1440850 - In New UI, the users using the Accessibility mode were having difficulty to identify the difference between the active item and focused item in the left navigation panel.
    Now, the border is provided for the focused item and the active item is highlighted in New UI.
  • SI#1440851 - In New UI, the users using the Accessibility mode were having difficulty in finding the focused value in calendar. The focused value is not highlighted properly.
    This issue is resolved. Now, the border is provided for the focused value in New UI.
  • SI#5437944 - On reassigning the task the "complete" action visibility is not getting refreshed. After reassignment of the task, the action "Complete" is still available to the assignor.
  • SI#5438522 - There is a restriction in selecting maximum of 8 fields in 'Lookup and Search Results Fields' of Record Locator. This restriction is removed from the new UI.
    After activating the new UI, you can select more than 8 fields in 'Lookup and Search Results Fields' of Record Locator.
  • SI#5438898 - In the file picker, even when the user selects the attached file the message No File Selected is present.
  • SI#5439525 - Webservices are used to extract data from external systems into the AgileApps, sometimes in the form of writing a response into a record field. This Webservice invocation fails if the Webservice JSON response has key start with alphabets characters. This issue is not observed when the Webservice is tested through the "Test" button. This issue is specifically observed on rule action Execute Webservice.
  • SI#5432032 - If the user time format is set as 24 hours, on adding a multi-step to a record the due date by default appears as 01/01/1970. The due date entered by the user gets replaced by the default date 01/01/1970.
  • SI#1440848 - In New UI, the user using the Accessibility mode were having difficulty in navigating the items in the profile menu. The item is not getting focused.
    This issue is faced only when the user navigates through a keyboard.

Version 10.13.10 (February 2021)

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

  • ZenDesk Ticket - The enumerated field value in the record selection is not validated on UI requests against the list of configured enumerated values in the field settings.
    Proper input validation is now employed on both server and client side.
  • SI#5417530 - When object records are imported with empty currency fields, import fails with a "Field too long" error.
  • SI#5430946 - Template variable of parent object lookup field does not get replaced if it is being used in an email template of child object. An end user will experience, the created_id and modified_id not getting properly solved for child objects due to this issue.
  • SI#5430766 - Newly created macros against case objects with any given field conditional visibility criteria, do not list in the macros menu after saving the record in the new UI. This issue is not observed when browser window is refreshed. This issue is not observed in legacy UI.
  • SI#5431130 - Form layout delete fails with error "Layout is used in WebForm 'xyz', and cannot be deleted", even though the form layout is not being used in the WebForm of tenant. The root cause of this failure is the form layout being used in another tenant through package subscribe.
  • SI#5432618 - Consider a form with four sections, sec1, sec2, sec3, sec4, with each section containing translated entries in the translation workbench. When a layout rule is configured to show and hide sec1, it shows sec4 after save. This layout rule show/hide configuration showing last section name instead of the selected section name, occurs when form sections have translated entries in the translation workbench.
  • SI#5433377 - When a user logs into a tenant configured with LDAP, the platform synchronizes all user information to AgileApps (first name ,last name, email, username, company, title, mobile, phone, fax, street, city, state, zip, country).
    For security purposes, this set is now limited to first name, last name, email and username. This fix is not applicable to an existing LDAP user, and hence the user will need to contact system administrator to remove user personal information.
  • SI#5433735 - When a record containing a datetime field is updated to "blank", the corresponding job in the scheduler gets deleted. This results in a failure of the intended operation.
    For instance, if an object is created with a datetime field and a timer rule such that, a "send email" operation is triggered in an hour. This send email operation continues to be triggered in spite of a blank value in the datetime field.
  • SI#5431509 - In new UI "Error accessing datastore" error is encountered on a mobile device, when opening or accessing a web-tab setup as a Java Server Page(JSP) in AgileApps.
    This issue is not observed when this JSP is opened on desktop browser tab. This issue is not observed in legacy UI.
  • SI#5433089 - Attempting to open files with extensions .txt, .doc, .xls, etc results in error "An error occurred while loading the PDF::stream must have data". The uploaded files attempt to open with open office, in spite of open office being disabled. This issue is not observed in legacy UI.
    Files now directly download when open office is disabled.
  • ZenDesk Ticket - Decimal fields are not displayed as per the decimal places configuration in many-to-many field popup. For instance, 274.11 is displayed as 274.
  • SI#1436178 - Audit log entry is missing for send email triggered from record details page.
  • SI#5431130 - Form layout delete fails with error "Layout is used in WebForm 'xyz', and cannot be deleted", even though the form layout is not being used in the WebForm of tenant. The root cause of this failure is the form layout being used in another tenant through package subscribe.
  • SI#5431131 - Webservices are used to extract data from external systems into the AgileApps, sometimes in the form of writing a response into a record field. This Webservice invocation fails if the Webservice JSON response has root key with all numeric characters. This issue is not observed when the Webservice is tested through the "Test" button. This issue is specifically observed on rule action "Execute Webservice".

Version 10.13.9 (January 2021)

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

  • SI#5423473 - "Record does not exist" error is encountered when deleting a child record with parent child object relationship with OrphanDeleteCases record.
  • SI#5423903 - Unable to create Case Type object recordsUser is not able to create Case type object records as Case type objects are not showing up in the Create New dialog in the new UI.
  • SI#5425380 - The configured apache server port in ISV settings page gets reset to the default port 0 after AgileApps upgrade.
    NOTE: This port reset is observed during the following upgrades:
    • 10.13.x to 10.13.9
    • 10.12.x to 10.13.x
    • 10.11.x to 10.13.x
    • 10.10.x to 10.13.x
    • 10.9.x to 10.13.x
    This fix will only take effect post release 10.13.9. Hence users will experience this fix only from release 10.14.0 onwards.
    Until then, users need to change port settings manually after upgrade.
    In order to properly address this issue, please follow the upgrade instructions at:
  • SI#5424541 - Inherited subform in a child object is not working as expected.
    Child object subform does not show the linking field that is shown in the parent object.
  • ZenDesk Ticket(LJP-13105) - Unable to remove an association in the dependent picklist.
    User is unable to remove an association in the dependent picklist.
  • SI#5425770 - Record level visibility can be applied to objects like users, teams, roles and user custom fields. When record level visibility is applied to users for instance, the selected users are shown in the record level visibility dialog. In the new UI implementation when connected over a slow internet, record level visibility brings up a record marked as limited and the selected users are not shown.
  • SI#5425985 - Conditional layout rules cause certain fields to be activated based on other field selections. In the new UI associated with release 10.13.7, the conditional layout rules are not triggered when a checkbox field is checked or unchecked by JavaScript API setCheckboxState(_sdForm, field, value). This issue did not exist in the legacy UI.
  • SI#5428040 - The uploaded profile picture does not appear properly.
    The height of the picture should be more than the width for the picture to be accepted.
  • SI#5427228 - Mass delete operation of records fails. If the records view has more than 2500 records and the object title has unsafe XML characters that include &, <, >, the mass deletion of records fails.
  • ZenDesk Ticket(LJP-13476) - Vulnerabilities detected for the JavaScript file.
    References to the file have now been removed from the user interface.
  • SI#5424082 - Delete user operation fails with reference errors in AgileApps, when the username contains special characters like backslash(\). This issue is specifically observed with users created after tenant registration, hence tenant creation did not result in administrator creation.
  • SI#5426279 - An error occurs when trying to install a package in the production environment. When a user subscribes to a newer version of a published package using the overwrite option, and if this package does not contain the field and index created on the same field as added by the previous version of the package subscription, the deployment fails in the production environment.
  • SI#5428216 - The displayErrorMessage replacement method is not available.
    Use the displayToastMessage() method as an alternative to display the toaster.
  • SI#5428725 - Multi-select picklist returns a string value instead of an array.getMultiPickListSelectedValue() method returns a string value instead of an array, in the new user interface.
  • SI#5428537 - Multi-select pick list does not allow multiple selections. To select multiple options, user needs to open the pop-up for every option.
  • SI#1431598 - This issue is observed when fields have similar names such "Graduation" and "Graduation details". In the layout rule configuration when "Graduation" field is marked as "Show" and "Graduation details" field is marked as "Hide", then in the corresponding configuration dialog both fields are marked as "Hide".
  • SI#1432968; 1432992; 1240734; 1240741 - In a mobile device, the application header is not accessible when we open the side navigation panel in the record view.
  • ZenDesk Ticket(LJP-13469) - Error section in a form is not focused correctly. If there is an error in a section, then the focus is going to the next section. This happens only if there are any hidden sections.
  • ZenDesk Ticket(LJP-13475) - The 'Approve' and 'Reject' buttons are not accessible in the process task dialog in a mobile device.
  • ZenDesk Ticket(LJP-13477) - The on-load script is not loading after saving a form. This enhancement provides a post save selection script, which will run after the form is saved.
  • ZenDesk Ticket(LJP-13478) - In the new User Interface, save button of the record form cannot be hidden by the layout rule in the new record creation dialog.
    This issue exists in the new Sub-form dialog as well.
  • ZenDesk Ticket(LJP-13487) - When an approval task is created from the process and when a user clicks on the task name to open the task record for more details, approving it results in a reject action.
  • ZenDesk Ticket(LJP-13495) - Record locators can be configured to be associated with a variety of identifiers. The related information section shows the relationship of a record with a parent object. This record locator information in the related information section is not easily identifiable in the new UI implementation. This feature enhancement now shows record locator fields, instead of just the record ID in the previous implementation.
  • ZenDesk Ticket(LJP-13473) - Parent records can be associated with related records through the use of lookup fields. In lookup fields configuration, copy data can be configured such that related records are prefilled from data in parent records. In related information section, this copy data functionality is failing on first attempt.
  • ZenDesk Ticket(LJP-13485) - Records can be configured to have hidden lookup fields. In the new UI associated with release 10.13.7, the record filter throws an exception in the console.
    This results in an improper execution of layout rules in the new UI.
    This issue is observed only in Customer's environment. This issue did not exist in the legacy UI.
  • ZenDesk Ticket(LJP-13489) - User is not able to navigate to another page using custom button without reloading the page.
    A new JavaScript method 'navigateToInAppUrl' to navigate inside the application is now provided.
  • ZenDesk Ticket(LJP-13490) - Sub-forms grid totals do not get updated in the field value on the record form.
  • ZenDesk Ticket(LJP-13493) - Layout rule was not working while loading a form.
    The value of the radio button field is not getting loaded while loading the form.
  • ZenDesk Ticket(LJP-13497) - Methods 'addRecord()' and 'openNewRecordForm()' do not exist in the new User interface.
    Use the displayRecordDialog() method as an alternative to launch the record form in a dialog.
  • SI#7065 - Instant calculation for the currency field value is not correct for Germany (Austria, Germany) :::locale when user clicks on the currency field for the second time. The final field calculations are incorrect.
  • ZenDesk Ticket(LJP-13521) - When the DateTime Fields are used in the add or update action of a Business Rule and the value used is evaluated to 12:30 (in 24 hours format as the time format of the logged-in user), the value is added or updated as 00:30.
  • ZenDesk Ticket(LJP-13589) - Few of the internal server domains and corresponding ports, such as document server port are exposed in CSP header.
  • ZenDesk Ticket(LJP-13593) - 'Error accessing datastore' error message is encountered when a user attempts to delete the portal user or site user or both.
  • ZenDesk Ticket(LJP-13594) - In German locale configuration, copy data from lookup field to number with decimal, currency and percentage field types shows wrong calculations on these field values.
  • ZenDesk Ticket(LJP-13464) - JavaScript getCheckBoxState() returns an empty string during onLoad instead of true or false in the new UI implementation. This issue does not exist in the old UI implementation.
  • ZenDesk Ticket(LJP-13470) - After creating a new record, the page does not redirect to the record details page. This enhancement provides a post save selection script to redirect to the record details page.
  • ZenDesk Ticket(LJP-13508) - ctrl 'c' opens a new add record dialog for record creation when viewing a record.
    As per this enhancement, you can open a new add record dialog by pressing ctrl '+'.
  • SI#5428344 - Sub-form grid totals in tables do not get updated when a macro is executed.
    The calculated values are only usable within the update record actions, and unusable if the field is used in validation.

Version 10.13.8 (September 2020)

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

  • SI#5422046 - Using layout rule of type Assign value to Fields for numbers with decimal places results in issues in the new UI.
    When a user copies a number field value having decimal places to a text field value using the layout rule of type Assign Value to Fields, the separator is missing from the text field value.
  • SI#5419796 - Picklist fields shows incorrect values in read-only mode in the new UI.
    In the new UI, if the picklist fields are read-only, then the application shows the picklist keys instead of the values for these picklist keys.
  • SI#1423286 - Incorrect form loaded from the junction object.
    If the lookup field has a child record, when the user clicks on the selected record link, the application loads the parent form instead of the child object form.
  • SI#5420009 - The Approve or Reject buttons are not accessible in the mobile version of the AgileApps platform.
    When the user tries to approve or reject a task on the mobile version of the AgileApps platform, the buttons are inaccessible to proceed with the action.
  • SI#5421644 -Favicon is not applied in the new AgileApps UI. The favicon configured in the Service Portal settings is not applied in the new AgileApps UI. Instead, the standard AgileApps icon continues to show in the browser tab.
  • SI#5419509 - RTA field content was not available in the Related information table. In the Related information table, the RTA field content preview was unavailable.
  • SI#5422042 - Issues with numbers having decimal format symbols in the new UI. Layout rules are messing up numeric type fields with decimal places in the new UI. The issue occurs with the decimal format symbols ("." and ",").
  • SI#5422312 - Reports tabular section is not expandable for the regular user. If the Record Visibility filter is enabled, then the Reports table section is not expandable for the regular user.
  • SI#5422314 - Filtering and Previewing functions for a report fail to work for a regular user who does not have the required permissions to edit the reports.
    When a regular user tries to filter or preview a report after modifying any report configuration, the platform throws an error saying "you do not have permission to update the report".
  • SI#1426592 - When the domains & http://* are not whitelisted implicitly for Content Security Policy (CSP), it results in unexpected behavior in the Rich Text Area fields.
    The domains & http://* are not whitelisted implicitly for Content Security Policy (CSP). This results in unexpected behavior in the Rich Text Area fields. These domains should be enabled on demand.
  • SI#5420483 - The Save button is inaccessible on mobile dialogs.
    When you create or update a record on an iPhone/IOS + Safari, or the Chrome browser, the Save button becomes inaccessible or is hidden in the mobile dialogs.
  • SI#5423901 - Using disabled fields in lookup filters does not work in the new AgileApps UI. If you set the value of a disabled field as the target for a lookup field to filter the lookup dialog, you will not get any search results in the new UI.
  • SI#1427655 - User is not able to retrieve the XSRF token from the login response.
    The XSRF token value is not available in the REST API login response.
  • SI#5425190 - Incorrect layout shown when a user opens a Subform.
    When a user opens a subform record, it shows the default layout instead of the assigned layout.
  • SI# 5420176 - User with Regular Access Profile (without the Use Development Features permission) is not able to call the Static Resource GET API.
    When a user with Regular Access Profile ((without Use Development Features permission ) tries to access Static Resource GET API, the platform throws an error Status 404.
  • SI#5422097 - Accessibility issues with Web Forms. Following accessibility issues were observed with Web Forms:
    • The img field does not have 'alt' attribute.
    • The document does not have 'lang' attribute.
    • The form fields do not have 'label' attribute.
    • The '*'(asterik) for the required field does not have proper color contrast.
  • SI# 5422692 - The multi-byte(Non-english) characters do not display correctly in the Web Service Component of a process module. A user creates a process and specifies multi-byte (non-English) character(s) in the "User Fixed Value" input mapping of the Web Service component. When the user re-opens this Web Service component, it does not display the non-English character(s) correctly.

Version 10.13.7 (July 2020)

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

  • SI#5416226 - Issues with file attachments having 2 periods in the file name. User is unable to upload a file with two consecutive dots (period) in the file name.
  • SI#5414489 - In the AgileApps new UI, the copy data mechanism is always triggered for a Lookup field.
    In the AgileApps new UI, when a user selects the lookup field record, copy data will trigger and fill the field values. Then a user can append extra information to the field and save the record. However, when this user revisits this record, the appended information is not visible as the copy data mechanism is triggered again.
  • SI#5414813 - In custom form actions, selectedRecords[0] is returning wrong record ID.
    In custom form actions, selectedRecords[0] is returning wrong record ID instead of the current record ID.
  • SI#5415829 - Regular user is not able to open the Report and gets an error "Error Accessing Datastore". Group Report throws an error "Error Accessing Datastore" when the record visibility filter is enabled and the report is executed by a non-admin user.
  • SI#5415355 - When a user edits a widget, incorrect values are displayed. When a user edits a widget, the values in the widget are reset to the first value in the list.
  • SI# 5416504 - Right-side menu is displaced when the user zooms out using the browser zoom-out button.
    In the new AgileApps UI, when the user uses the browser zoom-out button to zoom out, the right side tool bar is displaced from its position and is moved to the bottom of the main screen.
  • SI#5416507 - Object selected in the left menu bar is not highlighted in detailed view.
    When an application has more than one object and you select an object, this object is highlighted in the list view. However, this highlighting is lost, when the user selects any record in the detailed view.
  • SI#5415837 - Object focus lost after accessing child object. User is not able to link the child object records in a Multi-Value Lookup to a parent object.
  • SI#5417055 - Unable to update user information in the Title field.
    If the Title field for a user under Account Management > User, contains the special characters like "&", "+", or "$", then the user is unable to update the user details. An error "Please enter a valid title" is displayed.
  • SI#5416196 - Record Filtering option does not work with Drop-Down setting in Lookup Field Configuration. Record Filtering option does not work with Drop-Down setting in Lookup Field Configuration. It shows all the records instead of only the filtered records.
  • SI#5416229 - Administration configuration capabilities are not available. When the Global Broadcast Message functionality is active, and the new UI is permanently turned on for a tenant, the Administrator configuration capabilities are not available when you select the Settings option.
  • SI#1415577 - No option to hide Lookup-Derived fields in layout rule actions. Lookup-Derived fields are not available as part of the Show/Hide Sections or Fields in the list of layout rules actions.
  • SI#5418113 - Custom template does not get refreshed after installing the new package. Even after installing the new AgileApps package, the custom template and custom template access URL are not getting flushed from the cache. This results in the new changes not reflecting in the system.
  • SI#5411623 - Email addresses that contain the umlauts character show as invalid format in the new AgileApps UI.
    Email addresses containing the umlaut characters are validated as an invalid email ID in the new AgileApps UI.
  • SI#1419307 - Decimal field error in the form field of the new UI.
    When currency field is copied to the formula field with currency as the return type, then in the new AgileApps UI, the instant calculation for formula field value is not correct for German(Austria, Germany) locale. The decimal places are mismatched.

Version 10.13.6 (June 2020)

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

  • SI#5408787 - Import feature does not work in Edge and IE browser. User gets an error "The service encountered an error." while importing a file using Edge or IE browser, if the document storage is on a windows shared location and mounted on a specific mount point in the local directory of a Linux environment.
  • SI#5411090 - In an email, when the user clicks on a link to a case record, an error occurs. As part of the default email template, the users receive links to case records. When this link is clicked, it gives an error "Record does not exist" if the record does not belong to the current application which the user is accessing.
  • SI#5410951 - User was unable to delete a custom User Field.
    User is unable to delete a custom User Field that was created in a system Object ‘User’.
    This issue is resolved. One of the layout rules had ']' character in the assign field value which resulted in a parsing error.
  • SI#5414490 - Multiselect picklist does not work as expected.
    In a record form, when the user clicks on a multi-select picklist field and selects Deselect all, the previously made selections are not appearing in the list of options. For example, if there are 3 options A, B, and C; and the user has previously selected option A. Now, the user selects B, and then clicks Deselect all. In the list of options, the user will see only the option C, whereas the options A and B should also be visible.
  • SI#5412504 - Clicking on a record link from the Dashboard results in a 404 error.
    In the Dashboard, if the user opens a record that has a lookup field, and clicks on the View link, it results in a 404 error.
  • SI#5412504 - In the Reports page, clicking a record link opens its details inside a frame.
    After upgrading to 10.13.4, when the user clicks on a record link from the Reports page, it opens the record details within the Report page. It gives the appearance of page within a page.
  • SI#5410094, SI#5413460 - The onSave JavaScript with return false does not work as expected.
    If onSave Form Script has any return statement; for example, return true/false, then it gives a console error in the new UI. However, in the old UI, works as expected. Additionally, if the script has a return false, then the subsequent save action of the record should not be performed, but in the new UI it saves the record.
  • SI#5415651 - AgileApps does not send appropriate MIME types to the browser for static resources feature.
    AgileApps does not send the correct MIME types to the browser and the page loads with errors. The content-type is missing in the static resource and this causes MIME type execution for javascript, included into static JSP pages.

Version 10.13.5 (May 2020)

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

  • SI#5406170 - User gets an error "Stopped, Error in File Download - invalid argument" while importing a file.
    Import feature does not work if the document storage is on a windows shared location and mounted on a specific mount point in the local directory of a linux enviromment.
  • SI#5394989 - Issues with the Print menu options in the new AgileApps UI.
    When you print a record, HTML tags appear in the lookup fields display value in the new AgileApps UI.
  • SI#5402435 - Security issues identified in AgileApps platform. There were few aspects of the AgileApps platform where security was not handled.
    For example, CSP, CORS, and XSS.
    Fixed all the security related issues.
  • SI#5404515 - User is unable to delete fields from an object.
    When a user tries to delete a field from an object, an error message appears stating that the field is used as the field default value for another object.
  • SI#5408789 - Copy field feature does not work correctly for currency fields when user tries to set a value from the lookup.
    User copies the currency field data by using the Lookup field copy data functionality. When selecting a record from lookup field dialog, if the currency field has comma; for example, 23,432, it is truncated by the application and shows as 23.00.
    This issue is resolved. No values are truncated.
  • SI#5408790 - Enumerated labels are not translated correctly in some scenarios.
    When users switch from their current language into a different language, the enumerated labels are not translated in some scenarios.
  • SI#5406193 - Invalid file type issue when uploading to server.
    When the user tries to upload a file to the server that has a white space in its filename, it fails to upload.
  • SI#5406983 - The Lookup Derived Field information for a record is not available in the new UI, when the on load custom script is executed.
    When a user runs the On load custom script, the dependent Lookup field value does not appear immediately.
  • SI#5396255 - Rollup Summary fields does not work with currency fields.
    While creating a Rollup Summary field, the user may encounter an error if the index is not available. The user may try to resolve this issue by fixing the missing index in a different tab of the same browser session and then return to the Rollup Summary field creation page in the initial tab. In such cases, the
    Rollup Summary field fails to work as expected.
  • SI#1412336 - Email address of recipients is not auto-suggested in the new AgileApps UI.
    In the older AgileApps UI, the email address of the recipients is auto-suggested by the application while sending an email from a record. However, in the new AgileApps UI, this auto-suggestion feature for the email address of the recipients is not available.
  • SI#5409605 - Create record dialog not completely accessible on mobile browsers.
    When accessing AgileApps using the browsers on a mobile, users are unable to access the Create record dialog. It is partially hidden and this happens on both iOS and Android devices.
  • SI#5406810 - Users are able to access those applications for which they do not have permissions.
    When users of one application click on another application for which they do not have permissions, there is no error message to indicate the same. Also, they are able to access record details of those applications for which they do not have permissions.
  • SI#1407757, 1409316 - User with insufficient permissions is able to modify the dashboard in the AgileApps new user interface.
    In the new user interface, a user with basic privileges can edit or change the Dashboard details; for example, Dashboard name.
  • SI#1411233 - User with insufficient permissions is able to edit the Dashboard widgets.
    In the AgileApps new user interface, a user with basic permissions is allowed to modify the widgets in the existing Dashboards. The user was also able to add widgets.
  • SI#5406811 - User faces problems when deleting users or teams.
    When users try to delete a user or team, they encounter an error which shows the component being deleted has dependencies in views. However, the user confirms that the dependent views are already deleted. Also, the Global Recycle Bin is empty.

Version 10.13.4 (March 2020)

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

  • SI#5401696 - User is unable to delete applications.
    User is unable to delete an application. After the first attempt to delete the application, the "Delete" button is no longer available.
  • SI#5412744 - AgileAppsLive encounters multiple validation errors when the user tries to create or edit a record.
    User is not able to update a case record from the banner when there is a required lookup field with a value.
  • SI#5402773 - Resource sharing fails with an error message.
    When the user adds an object to Settings > Customization > Resource Sharing and clicks Save, an error message appears. The object does not get listed in Resource Sharing.
  • SI#5401932 - Files added as attachments to a form continue to be available for download despite the files missing from the server.
    After you delete files from the server, the download action continues to be available for files added as attachments to a form. The files are downloaded but with no proper content.
    Now when you try to download a missing file, you get a file not found exception error message.
  • SI#5403276 - Action buttons not available on saving of a record. After saving a record, the file download, zoom-in, and zoom-out action buttons are not available.

Version 10.13.3 (January 2020)

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

  • SI#5389782 - Database view mapping does not work. Object joining does not work with database view in IE browser.
  • SI#5391875 - Layout rule is not getting triggered in the new UI.
    The layout rule does not get triggered in the new UI. The application does not seem to identify that the checkbox is selected. When the user clears the checkbox and selects it again, then the rule gets triggered.
  • SI#1392586 - Incorrect tooltip in the design time UI for AgileApps platform.
    Tooltip was incorrect for the following:
    • In Objects > Forms > Form layout, the Record Information section shows incorrect tooltip.
    • In Objects, when you create an External Data Source, the tooltip for Input
    • Mapping and Output Mapping is the same.
  • SI#5389307 - Unable to create a dashboard using Internet Explorer browser.
    Compilation of JS files in Internet Explorer fails.
  • SI#5391727 - Code syntax incorrect for the function getSearchOperatorSeletElement.
    In the file networking/js/unifiedjs-min_1566975603275.js, the code syntax is incorrect for the function getSearchOperatorSeletElement.
  • SI#5392381 - CMIS interface does not recognize the document type in FileNet content management tool.
    System had an implementation for a document type name prefixed with D:. This was not recognized in the FileNet content management tool.
  • SI#5397699 - Lookup field navigation link loads the default layout for the selected object.
    When a user clicks on a lookup link in the new UI, he or she is redirected to the default layout of the object, even if the user does not have the required permission to view the default layout.
  • SI#5390177, 5390729 - Email sent to AgileApps as an attachment are always blank resulting in loss of Email sent as an attachment (*.msg file) is renamed as Message_nnn.eml in cases and is always blank.
  • SI#1398276 - Service Portal Domain in a sandbox environment shows the root tenant.
    When a customer logs into a sandbox environment, the Service Portal Domain shows the root tenant information.
    This issue is resolved. Customer is informed that for a sandbox tenant, only the Branding section is supported. Changes made to other sections are not applicable. The same is communicated by means of documentation and a warning message on the UI.

Version 10.13.2 (October 2019)

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

  • SI#5385078 - PDF automatically generated and attached as part of the Email template, does not open. When a user uses the Email Template in the Send Email action of business rule and Document Template of type HTML template as attachment in the Email template, the PDF that is automatically generated using the Send Email action does not open.
  • SI#5384031 - Files having more than one period (..) before the filename extension, results in an error. Files with more than period before the filename extension; for example, abc..txt results in an error during upload.
  • SI#5384909 - The new UI for AgileApps does not show the related information section for an external data source.
    The new UI fails to show the external data source as the API used to get the external data source does not fetch the required results. If the user switches to the older UI, it works fine.
  • SI#5386293 - Help text shown for Event Rules needs correction.
    The short description provided for Event Rules on the AgileApps UI is incorrect.
    It reads "A Rule can execute unconditionally, or it can specify conditions that must be met for the Rule to execute. When it executes, the Rule can take one or more specified actions. It can also return a value." Event Rules do not have an action to return a value.