Metering for AgileApps

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What is Metering?

Metering collects information related to the usage of Software AG products which in turn is later used for billing purposes. Metering uses a license file for authenticating and gathering client information.

Metering in AgileApps

In AgileApps, metering is available for both on-premise and cloud customers. A customer has to request transaction-based licensing from the licensing team. A new customer is onboarded as follows:

Customer using Metering-enabled On-premise Product

When a new customer subscribes to use metering for an on-premise Software AG product, they get a dedicated metering license. The Metering Administrator has to upload this license to the metering application. This should be done before using any Software AG metering-enabled products and reporting any usage data. In most scenarios, customer on-boarding is done only once, even if the customer has more than one metering-enabled on-premise products.

Customer using Metering-enabled Cloud Product

Cloud customers do not need a specific license. For enabling transaction-based pricing for your cloud products, contact the Support team.


Note: If a customer is using both on-premise and cloud products, ensure to complete both the above on-boarding procedures. For the detailed on-boarding procedure, see the Metering application administrator user guide.

Calculating the Usage

webMethods AgileApps has now adopted the webMethods Metering Application(MTA) support. In AgileApps, metering is performed based on the API calls made by the application. For example, if one API call is made where there are about 10 records to process, and it takes three seconds or less, the count is considered as 1. There could be another API call where the client has 30,000 records to process and it takes 15 seconds for the process to complete. In this case, the count is 5. Every count is a measure of three seconds.