Use Development Features

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This permission gives a user the ability to extend platform functionality with additional programming.


Development Capabilities

Here are some of the features that are enabled for a user who has this permission:

Java Classes
for complex processing logic
Java Server Pages
that can be used to build custom user interfaces using HTML and jQuery components
Static Resources
CSS files and additional JavaScript libraries that can be used in custom pages
Front-end web pages that people can access without having to log in to the platform
Custom templates uploaded to the AgileApps platform allowing users to customize the user interface of their applications. For more information, see How to Create a Custom User Interface (CUI).
that can be used to augment application functionality and to integrate with external enterprise applications
Debug Log
Open debug information created by invoking methods in Java classes

Developer Prerequisites

As a developer, you will be familiar with the Java programming language, and have an understanding of the platform and the included applications.
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