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Open a web browser and use the link provided by your System Administrator and click the Log In button. Use your user name and password to gain access to the platform.


If you do not have an account, contact your System Administrator.

If you forgot your password, click the Forgot my password link. Complete these steps to get a temporary password.

Customer Support Login

A Service Provider's Customer support often needs to login to a tenant, so they can help with its configuration. The Customer Support Login lets them login as the admin user in the specified tenancy, to do that.


Users that have the Customer Support Login Permission permission can Login by Proxy to a Tenant 

To Login by Proxy to a Tenant:

  1. Open the Tenants object
  2. Navigate to the Tenant of interest
  3. In the Quick Links section, click the Customer Support Login link to login as this user
    • This Login by Proxy is tracked in the Audit Log, and is visible to the user
  4. When the investigation is complete, click the Switch Back link to exit the Proxy Login and revert to your last login state