Service Portal Settings

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Note: For a sandbox tenant, only the Branding section is supported. Changes made to other sections are not applicable. Updates made to Branding section become applicable only post login.

Basic Information

  • Title - Change the portal name if you like, or leave it as "{YourCompanyName} Support Portal". (It's only displayed internally.)
  • Service Portal Domain- Displays the domain portion of the URL that customers will use to access the service portal.

Portal Features

  • Community - Allow registered portal users to interact with each other.
  • Knowledge Base - Allow registered portal users to access articles published in your Knowledge Base.
  • Case Submissions - Allow portal users to submit new cases using the Support Portal, and view cases that they have submitted.

Cases and Case Type Forms

This section is enabled when the Case Submissions option is selected, above.

For Cases, and for any specialized Case Types that have been defined, specify:

  • Authenticated User Form
    The form used by registered portal users who have logged in.
    When Do not show Form is selected, that kind of Case cannot be created.
  • Unauthenticated Guest User Form
    The form used by customers who are not registered or who have not logged in.
    When Do not show Form is selected, that kind of Case cannot be created.
  • Display Name - The form title, and the name used to select the case type to create.

User Registration

  • Add Registered Users to Team - Use the default Service Portal Users Team.
  • Allow Users to Self Register - Allow someone who visits your portal to register themselves. Leaving this box unchecked means that only users who receive an invitation can become registered users.
Learn more: Self Registration

Guest Features

  • Allow Guests to Access Community - Otherwise, registration is required to engage.
  • Allow Guests to Access Knowledge Base - Otherwise, registration is required to view articles.
  • Create New Contact for Unmatched Email Address - When a guest user supplies an email address that doesn't match an existing Contact, create a new entry with that address.
    Select this option to expedite future email communications.


Note: Guest users are supported only when the KB or Community features are enabled. Otherwise, users are required to register in order to file a case.


  • Header Logo - Upload your organization's logo image.
    • Standard logo size is 98 pixels wide by 24 pixels high
    • Realistic maximum size is up to 600 pixels wide by 32 pixels high


Tip: At 28 pixels high, only simple images or stylized text are readable.

  • Web Site URL - Enter the URL the users go to when they click on your logo.
    Typically, this is the organization's web site.
  • Favicon - Upload a small favicon image that displays in the browser's address bar, in bookmarks, and in browser tabs.
  • Page Background Color - Select a background color for the page.

Email Templates

Click on these templates to customize them, or use them as they are:

  • Invitation Email - Use this template when sending someone an invitation to use the Service Portal.
  • Case Response Email - This template is used when an agent sends a message to customer.
    Different portals will use different templates, so that each template can contain logos and links that are appropriate for the product or service supported through that portal.
  • Auto Acknowledgement Email - This template is used to acknowledge receipt of a case submitted through the portal.