Layout Rules

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Layout Rules provide the ability to create dynamic Forms that adapt and offer additional options as data is entered.

About Layout Rules

As data is entered into a form, Layout Rules can be used to hide or show fields, buttons, and form sections, or assign an initial value to a field. They can also be used to display a message.

Sample use cases:

  • Show a discount button when an amount reaches some value
  • Hide a section to prevent access to data until after a specific date and time.

Conditions and Actions

Layout Rules use an IF...THEN...ELSE model to customize a form layout:

IF <some condition> is TRUE
THEN do <some action>
ELSE do <some other action>
To specify a <condition> you use the Formula Builder to create a [Formula Expression]. That expression use record fields and fields in related fields.
Either a THEN clause or an ELSE clause can be specified, or both.

The possible Actions are shown below.


  • Each Layout Rule can include multiple actions
  • Actions are executed in the order in which they are displayed
  • Actions can be added, edited, deleted or reordered
  • Sections can be opened based on a condition
  • A condition can be applied on Add, View or Update of a Record
  • To be available for use in a Layout Rule, the field must not be hidden in the layout.
    (If it should be hidden at times, then hide it using a Layout Rule.)
  • Multi Object Lookup fields cannot be used to specify criteria for a Layout Rule.
    Learn more: Multi Object Lookup#Considerations


A field can be referenced in either:

a. A section for which Show Empty Fields in View has been disabled
    (using Advanced Options in a Section), or
b. A Layout Rule condition.

But it cannot be referenced in both places.

The Reason: If the field is empty, the server removes it from the page. The Layout Rule, meanwhile, is a JavaScript function in the page. When the Layout Rule tries to test that field, an error occurs.

Working with Layout Rules


Users that have the Customize Objects permission can edit Layout Rules. 

Adding or Editing a Layout Rule

  1. Click the [Layout Rule] button at the top of the page.
  2. Click the [Add New Rule] button to add a new Layout Rule,
    or click the name of an existing rule to edit it.
  3. Fill in the layout rule settings.
  4. Click [Save]


Name of the Layout Rule
Check the box to enable the Layout Rule, or uncheck it to disable the Layout Rule
Description of the rule
Apply rule during
Executes the Layout Rule when any of the selected actions are taken on a record in the Object
  • Add Record
  • View Record
  • Update Record
On Success do not continue to next Rule
Checkbox, unchecked by default
  • If checked, and this rule is Triggered, then any rules that follow are not processed
  • The order of processing rules is controlled with the [Reorder Rule] button.
If (specify the condition...)
Use the Formula Builder to define a Boolean expression that evaluates to true or false.
  • Optionally, specify an action to take when the expression is true
  • Optionally, specify an action to take when the expression is false.
Actions are displayed in rows which can be added, edited, deleted or reordered.


  • Show/Hide Sections or Fields
  • Disable/Enable Fields
  • Assign Value to Field
    (Choose a field. Use the Formula Builder to create a value expression.)
  • Setup Value in Picklist
  • Display Message:
  • Once During Form Save Only
  • When Condition Matches
  • Show/Hide Buttons
  • Make Fields Required
  • Make Fields Not Required
The more the layout rules, the lesser the performance.
The following table explains the Field Display Type available in the Add New Rule page and the Actions available.
Field Display Types Add New Rule Actions
Show or Hide Sections and Fields Disable or Enable Fields Assign Value to Fields Setup Value in Picklist Display Message Show or Hide Buttons Make Fields Required Make Fields Not Required
Auto Number
Date Time
Dependent Picklist
Email Address
External Lookup
File Field
Global Picklist
Image Field
*Lookup-Derived Field
Multiple Checkboxes
Multi Object Lookup
Multi Select Picklist
Number with decimals
Radio Buttons
Rich Text Area
Text Area
Text Field
Rollup Summary


Note: Lookup-Derived fields cannot be created manually by the user. To configure lookup-derived fields, see Lookup-Derived Fields.

Reorder Layout Rules

  1. Click the [Layout Rule] button at the top of the page.
  2. Click the [Reorder Rule] button to change the order in which rules are executed.

Using Enumerated Picklists in Layout Rules

Layout Rule criteria can be specified using Enumerated Picklist Values. The Display Label is not considered valid for criteria in Layout Rules.