Formula Builder

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The Formula Builder lets you interactively define a Formula Expression.



To build that formula:

  1. The "Order Amount" field was chosen, inserting order_amount
  2. The Operator "* Multiply" was chosen, inserting *
  3. The "Related to Customer" field "Discount" was chosen, inserting
  4. The [Check Syntax] button was clicked, to ensure validity.

How the Formula Builder Works

  1. Write an Expression into the field. Optionally use the buttons to help specify fields and operators:
  2. [Choose Field]
    • Click this button to bring up a field-chooser dialog
    • Select a field.
      • Lookup fields that go to Custom Objects end with an angle bracket (>)
      • Selecting a lookup field opens the list of fields available in the targeted record
      • Up to 4 lookup records can be traversed, as shown in the example below
    • Click [Insert Field] to insert the chosen field
  3. Operator
    Optionally, choose an Operator to build the expression. (When adding values to compare against, be sure to put String values in single quotes. For example: State = 'CA'. Numbers do not need to be in quotes.)
  4. [Choose Function]
    Choose from a list of available Formula Functions


  • To compare to a string, use single quotes: 'ABC Co.'
  • The return value of the expression must match the return value selected for the formula. (The [Check Syntax] button verifies that it does.)
  • To return a text string, the value returned should be a field of type Text (, or a literal string enclose in single quotes ('sample'
  • To return a Boolean, use an IF expression that returns true or false:
IF(related_to_Customer.customer_name = 'ABC Co.', true, false)