HowTo:Search a View to Find Records

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For:   Users
Level: Intermediate
Time: 5 minutes

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About Search

A search action finds all records in the platform that contain the characters or words you specify. If the specified characters appear in any field in a record, the record is displayed.

  • To search in specific fields, or to create more complex searches, you'll want to Filter a View to Restrict the Records it Displays.
  • Improve search speed and performance by configuring Search Fields to create an index for the object
    Learn more: Record Locator
  • Data Access Permissions determine which records are visible to a given user
  • A specific syntax is required to search using a Multi Object Lookup field.
    Learn more: Multi Object Lookup#Considerations
  • When searching for a keyword in Rich Text Area and the keyword is beyond 1024 characters (this includes the associated field configured in the search fields section in object's Record Locator), then the keyword is not considered by the search engine. The system has a limitation in the search fields on the Record Locator to 1024 characters.

Doing a Search

In the Old UI

  1. Enter a search term (an Account Name, Contact name, etc.) in the Search field:
  2. Click the down arrow at the end of the field to specify the objects in which you want to search the entered value.
  3. Click Search or click the Magnifier Glass icon MagnifierIcon.png