HowTo:Filter a View to Restrict the Records it Displays

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Level: Intermediate
Time: 5 minutes

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Filtering the view lets you select records that have values in specific fields. It also lets you specify a combination of conditions, so for example you see only those records with value "A" in the first field, and value "X" in the second.

Filter Records Alphabetically

When you sort a list view on an alphabetic field, an alphabetic filter appears at the top of the window:


Clicking a letter in that filter restricts the view to records with field values starting with that letter.

Make a Temporary Filter

When you click the double down arrow DoubleDownIcon.png next to the Search Bar:


The filter area appears:

(The double down arrow changes to a double up arrow.)

You can then:

  • Set up selection criteria by specifying a field, a comparison operator, and a value to compare to.
  • Click [+ Add More] to add additional criteria.
  • Click the X icon to delete criteria.
  • Click Customize this Filter to access all of the filtering and coloring options that are available in the View Settings when editing a View.
  • Click [Apply Filter] to select the records that appear in the view.

Permanently Change the View

  1. Click the Wrench Icon WrenchIcon.png next to the View Indicator:
  2. Choose an option:
    • Edit this View - To make a permanent change to the current view.
    • New View - To create an entirely new view, leaving this one unchanged.

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