HowTo:Create Cases from Mobile Devices

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For:   Designers
Level: Beginner
Time:  10 minutes

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You can configure your ServiceDesk application to allow customers to create cases from their mobile phone or pad. Your customers also upload an image and automatically record their location--and they don't even have to log in to do it!

You'll follow the steps in this procedure to:

  • Let customers create a case using their mobile device.
  • Let them do it without logging in.
  • Let them upload a photo.
  • Let them automatically record their location.



First, enhance the Case object with the additional fields you need:

  1. Go to GearIcon.png > Case Management > Case Fields
  2. To allow a photo attachment:
    • Click [New Field]
      Label: Photo
      Display Type: Image Field
    • Click [Save]
    (Unlike an attachment, an image field is displayed onscreen when a Case is viewed.)
  3. To record the customer's location:
    • Click [New Field]
      Label: Location
      Display Type: Geolocation
    • Click [Save]

The new fields are included automatically in the default Case form, but not on the form used by guest users, who haven't logged in. So the next step is to modify the Form used by Guest users to include the new fields.

To modify the Guest Form:

  1. Go to GearIcon.png > Case Management > Case Forms.
    A list of forms appears.
  2. Click on the Guest Form.
  3. From the sidebar, drag the new fields into the form layout.
  4. Click [Save Changes]

Then configure the Service Portal to allow case creation:

  1. Go to GearIcon.png > Channels > Service Portal
    Note the URL in the Service Portal Domain field. It's the same one that agents use to log in.
    Your customers will also use that URL to access the Service Portal.
  2. Enable at least one of these options (without them, the new case form is not displayed):
    • Community
    • Knowledgebase
  3. Make sure that unregistered users (guests) can submit cases:
    Allow Guest to submit case without login: ON
    Guest Case Submission Form: Guest Form
  4. Click [Save]


For best results, use the browser that came with your device. Image uploads may not work as reliably on a foreign browser.

You are now ready to test the Service Portal configuration:

  1. Open a browser in your mobile device
  2. Go to http://{yourDomain}
  3. Fill in your name and a subject for the case.
  4. In the Photo field:
    • Click Choose File
    • Choose an existing image, or take a new one.
      (If you take a video, it won't upload.)
    • Click [Done]
  5. In the Location field:
    • Click [Get Current Location]
    • Click [Done]
  6. Click [Submit]