DCM App Features

From AgileApps Support Wiki

All DCM apps share an extensive set of features with Database Applications, including these:

  • Mobile-enabled, with automatically generated, customizable Forms
  • Predefined Tasks Object - assign Tasks to users and record completions in the record history.
  • Processes and Rules can be created to automate your procedures.
  • Document Templates can be created to generate formatted documents that integrate record data.
  • Email Templates can be created, to automatically insert record data when sending correspondence
  • Messages sent from a record are automatically recorded in the record history
  • A variety of integration strategies you can use to interact with other applications, whether running on the platform or elsewhere.

In addition, a DCM app predefines a Cases object that provides even more features:

  • Pre-defined Priority and Status fields that appear at the top of each Case record
  • Pre-defined Email Templates that can be customized or used as-is for formatted correspondence that integrates record data.
  • Service Level Objectives you can use to set operational targets (time to respond and time to resolve) for different kinds of cases
  • Social Channels
  • Email Channel - Create cases automatically from incoming messages.
Record emailed responses in the case history, as well as the outgoing message.