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Release Notes for the Cloud version of the AgileApps Cloud platform.

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What's NewIcon new.png

To view the list of fixes, see Version 10.16.5 (September 2023).

Features in 10.16.5 Release (September 2023) Icon new.png

Saved Searches

Saved Search allows the users to save their search results, including the search keywords and the objects being searched. This will ensure accessibility and visibility for the users while using the AgileApps platform. For more information, see the Search page.

Application Landing page

With this feature, you can customize the landing page of your applications in AgileApps. The landing page can be configured in the Edit profile and Tenant Personalization pages. By default, the Dashboard would be the landing page for all applications. For more information, see the Edit Profile page.

Application Icon

Now you can customize your application icon on the 'Applications' page (Configuration > Applications). We support the following file types: gif, jpeg, png, and jpg. For more information, see the Application Metadata Configuration page.

Retention period in Debug Log

This option allows configuring an automatic data purge of the Debug Log based on your choice of retention period. The retention period can be set from one to 60 days and is set to two days by default. All debug log entries older than the specified days are purged automatically. For more information, see the Debug Log page.


Bookmarks in the AgileApps platform allow you to save frequently visited Object records for quick access. This feature is particularly useful for users who frequently navigate between different parts of the AgileApps application. For more information, see the Bookmarks page.

Tenant Personalization

The tenant personalization feature enables users to personalize the platform to meet their specific needs and preferences, without affecting the experience of other tenants. By adjusting various settings, you can make the platform more personalized, visually appealing, and easier to use. For more information, see the Tenant Personalization page.


Note: Before you install/upgrade, ensure you save the existing settings such as Header Logo, Website URL, Favicon, Mobile Logo, and Header Background Color in the Service Portal settings (Configuration > Channels).

Eclipse Plug-in

Eclipse Plug-in creates a bridge between the Eclipse development environment and the AgileApps platform. It provides a good, syntax-highlighting editor with "go to definition" capabilities and other features. For more information, see the Eclipse Plug-in page.

Features in 10.16.2 Release (March 2023)


This feature enables you to perform a search to find all records in the platform that contain the characters or words you specify, in the following ways:

  1. You can perform a search in all the listed objects by default.
  2. To perform a search under specific objects, you can update the object list by checking or unchecking the items or providing the object filter keyword in the 'Choose object(s) to search in' text field.

For more information on this feature, see the Search page.

Email Channel - OAuth Configuration with POP3S

  • Setting up a new or updating the existing Email Channel with OAuth as the authentication type with IMAPS protocol was introduced in the previous patch 10.15.5. For more information, see the Mailbox page.
  • The configuration of OAuth with POP3S protocol is enabled in this release.

AgileApps Runtime UI Upgrade from Angular version 7 to 13

The AgileApps Runtime UI is upgraded from Angular version 7 to 13 along with all the dependent packages. For more information, see the New Runtime User Interface for AgileApps page.

AgileApps Designtime UI Upgrade to Runtime Look and Feel

The AgileApps Designtime UI is upgraded to appear the same in look and feel as the Angular Runtime UI by making changes in the style sheets. For more information, see the New Designtime User Interface for AgileApps page.

Application Metadata Configuration for the App Designer

This feature enables the user to view and update application specfic metadata under the respective applications listed in the 'Administration > Applications' page when the user creates or installs any application on the AgileApps platform. For more information, see the Application Metadata Configuration page.

Software Support

  • MySQL 8.x
For more information, see Software Requirements and Hardware Requirements.
The feature provides the support of MySQL version 8.x with AgileApps Cloud Version 10.16 which is part of the webMethods Suite Version 10.15.


The feature is supported only in the AgileApps Cloud version for now. For on-prem customers, upgrade the AgileApps platform to version 10.16 as the first step, and for the upgrade of the MySQL database to version 8.x, reach out to the Product Management team.

Multiple files attachment in a record for the new user interface

This feature enables you to upload or download multiple files to record attachments. Prior to this implementation, you could upload only one file at a time to record attachments using the file uploader dialog and download the file by clicking on the attachment file items listed in the right-side panel.

Bug Fixes

Following are the fixes available.

Version 10.16.5 (September 2023) Icon new.png

  • While creating a new external data source, Web Service is not displayed as a mandatory field. However, when a user saves without selecting a Web Service, an error message appears for selecting the Web service.
  • The DATECOMP function is not working as expected in the list view of Custom Access Criteria (CAC).
  • On the runtime user interface of AgileApps, the scrollbar appeared to be different on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
  • An insecure cookie was available without the HttpOnly flag. We have added the HttpOnly flag to resolve the issue.
  • If the text field and formula field are provided with the same column name, the value of the formula field is getting overwritten in the text field.
  • Upon adding the task in the case record from the right navigation pane, the task form is not closing automatically.
  • Upon merging the case records, tasks that are related to the case records are not appearing on the custom lookup field.
  • Renaming Settings on the design time user interface to Configuration.
  • The current third-party component Xalan jar version 2.7.2 used is vulnerable. It has been upgraded to a safer version 2.7.3.
  • The current third-party component jsoup jar version 1.14.3 used is vulnerable. It has been upgraded to a safer version 1.15.3.
  • The current third-party component Spring framework jar version 5.3.25 used is vulnerable. It has been upgraded to a safer version 5.3.27 / 6.0.9.
  • The current third-party component guava jar version 30.1.1 used is vulnerable. It has been upgraded to a safer version 32.0.0.
  • The Date time field is not aligned properly with the other fields.
  • SI#498047 - There is no option to hide/disable claim or assign functionality in the list view checkbox. This issue is resolved by adding an option in (Configuration > Account Management > Company Information) to hide/disable claim or assign in the record list view checkbox.
  • When a business rule is configured to add two fields and one of the fields is left empty, the result appears as null.
  • Basic authentication was getting appended to the Authorization header in the web service.
  • Upon logging in directly by visiting the front page, the login form appears to be in English always. Instead of the language the application is configured to populate.
  • When a user reloads the run time user interface after logging out of the design time user interface, a blank page appears instead of redirecting to the Login page.
  • A lengthy tooltip was not easily readable as its maximum height was one line. Now we have increased the tooltip height to 5 lines. If the tooltip content is still lengthy, a scrollbar is automatically added to enhance visibility.
  • Upon adding the additional users under views, the users from the previous page don't appear on the current page even though it is checked.
  • On the Configuration > Administration > Applications, the left navigation pane was not visible.
  • While creating a new tenant, the view password icon is not available in the Password and Confirm password fields.
  • Under Configuration > Developer Resources, Templates' was renamed to Custom UI Templates.
  • In the Default Layout page of Forms, the description of the Related Information has been revised to make it more accurate.
  • The Delete icon was not working in the template variables, preventing users from deleting rows.
  • Invalid entry on the Business Hours Calendars page shows an unclear error message.
  • On the Login page, the view password icon is not available in the Password and Confirm password fields.
  • Inspecting the login page leads to a 404 console error.
  • SI#500574 - The DATECOMP function is not working as expected in the list view of Custom Access Criteria (CAC).
  • SI#503926 - Now you can access the right navigation bar with the 'Ctrl + M' keyboard shortcut on the individual case page.
  • The process creation did not include validation for the Specific Email Address field, enabling users to create processes with invalid email addresses.
  • SI#504882 - Users are unable to upload document as a .jsp file to the knowledge base.
  • There was no option to restrict the users to create a new tenant using reserve sub domains.
  • Upon clicking the Cancel button, the Record Details View keeps displaying the same record details instead of navigating to the Object List View.
  • When the user uploads a file using the rename toggle in a particular record, the file downloaded displays the original name of the file instead of the modified name.
  • There is no provision to hardcode the URL parts using the custom variable templates during the Web Service configuration.
  • The user is unable to attach an Application to a user who has been created using Macros.
  • On the Account Management > Packages > New Package page of Agileapps, after publishing a new package, the version number is not displayed in the same format as how it was entered by the user.
  • (Security) Component commons-fileupload (ver. 1.3.3) is vulnerable. A safer version is 1.5. A vulnerability allows attackers to trigger a DoS attack by uploading malicious files without limiting the number of request parts processed.
    It has been upgraded to a non-vulnerable version, commons-fileupload-1.5, along with its dependency jar, commons-io-2.11.0.
  • (Security) User input data was not sanitized which lead to XSS payload being executed in the application.
  • Sensitive information in the URL is vulnerable to information disclosure, as detected in DAST scans where the XSRF-token is passed via the URL in both GET and POST requests, which is not recommended. Multiple GET and POST requests were found to be affected.
  • The user is unable to self-register as the portal user created by the community tenant.
  • In AgileApp's new user interface, when the theme is not applied the default header colour of the run-time user interface appears different from the design-time user interface. 
  • SI#499157 - In the On-premises version of AgileApps, the email channel is not working, as the records are not being added and they are redirected to "blocked" state.
  • SI#499306 - The user is unable to reload forms after creating a related record via the object's Related Information section.
  • SI#503401 - The user is unable to select the Task form radio button while creating a task for a case object from the right-side panel. The radio button is getting disabled upon clicking it for the second time.
  • Upon performing mass deletion of the entries, an irrelevant character is displayed at the top of the All Recycle Bin Records page in the new design-time user interface.
  • On the Edit view page, the mat icons are not placed properly and the user has to scroll down to select any mat icon to move the objects from one box to the other.
  • In the new user interface of AgileApps, the user is facing an issue with Record Locator in the lookup field, where the record ID is showing up.
  • In the new user interface of AgileApps, the "allow_record_view_static_fields" field in the Cases object doesn't allow the user to click anywhere on the row even after enabling that in the Object Properties page.
  • The activity history fails to display the task executed when a user carries out an operation on a specific record.
  • In the new design-time user interface of AgileApps, those object names that are lengthy are not displayed properly on the left navigation panel.
  • On the Account Management > Company Information page, under the User Interface Settings section, if the user enables the Hide Configuration leaving the other two options Preview New User Interface and Activate New User Interface disabled, they are not able to revert the changes.
  • On the run-time user interface of AgileApps, the Overview tab in the left navigation pane and the Save button on the Reports page are getting cropped and merged with the header.
  • The user does not see any design-time user interface upgrade done upon selecting a lookup in the Select Tenants text area on the package publishing page.
  • While creating a record in AgileApps, the user doesn't face any issues. But, while updating the record, the platform throws an error that the description is too long. 
  • The description provided under the Preferences sub-module in AgileApps is too long.
  • The user is able to create a record with an invalid contact number in the contact lookup.
  • One of the field labels, "Make ui search faster with index", under Object Information on the Object Properties page is too long and unclear.
  • On the New Relation Information page, under the Related Information section, the Object drop-down displays the objects available in all other applications as well.
  • A blank Users page is displayed when the user tries to update the Owners lookup while creating a record in the AgileApps runtime user interface.
  • SI#492915 - An error message, "Größenänderung des Fotos fehlgeschlagen : (y+height) is out of Raster" is displayed when the user tries to change the profile picture in the new user interface of AgileApps. The error message displayed is also not clear to the user.
  • In both the old and new user interfaces of AgileApps, the Field Audit Log page lacks a Cancel button.
  • In the new design-time user interface of AgileApps, the Classes page lacks a breadcrumb link which helps the user navigate to previous pages.
  • When the Accessibility mode is enabled, the focus frame is available for the header of the records checkbox but not for the records checkbox.
  • SI#503928 - The user is unable to select the mail recipients with the keyboard.
  • The record locator heading is missing when the user clicks on lookup in the AgileApps runtime user interface.
  • A blank page appears, when the user tries to click on the external lookup field.
  • SI#493006 (Accessibility) - The customer is experiencing issues with tooltips in LJP 10.15 Fix6.2, as they are limited to only 256 characters. However, the customer requires tooltips with up to 1000 characters. Additionally, when the text and controls are magnified to 200%, some tooltip content is not fully visible, causing accessibility issues for visually and cognitively impaired users. The customer has identified the need for tooltips with at least 1000 characters and full visibility at 200% magnification, with scrollbars available if necessary.
  • SI#494732 - The width of the columns is too wide after a recent upgrade in AgileApps platform.
  • SI#492875 (Screen Reader) - The AgileApps runtime UI lacks a clear differentiation between active and inactive menu items. While the active menu item is visually highlighted, this information is not perceptible to blind users. As a result, the active menu item cannot be identified with the screen reader, which does not support orientation based on active elements. This can cause difficulties for users relying on assistive technology to navigate the application.
  • CLDP-4657 - The current third-party Java package used in the docker image 'cldp/lj:' used is vulnerable. It is recommended for the user to upgrade to a safer version to avoid vulnerabilities.
  • Links attached with Learn More buttons on the feature pages and the Release Notes button on the About page in the AgileApps platform are broken.
  • The current third-party component Spring Framework version 5.13.9 used is vulnerable. It is recommended for the user to upgrade to a safer version 6.0.0 or above to avoid vulnerabilities.
  • SI#496297 - The JSP prompts the users to save changes every time when they navigate from any JSP page to another object page, even when no changes have been made.
  • The tab navigation does not work as expected when accessing the AgileApps Search Engine in accessibility mode. The user should be able to navigate to the overlay by using the tab key and exit it using the next tab key, but this functionality is not working properly.
  • In the Windows environment, under the Developer Resources page, when users try to compile a Custom Class, the error: "platform.api packages are not found" is observed.
  • When the accessibility mode is enabled, the "Create new" record form displays a horizontal scroll bar, and some fields are not entirely visible.
  • SI#492900 (Screen Reader) - In the "New Dashboard" pop-up, the Layout radio button group is not labeled as such. The lack of labeling causes the screen reader to display the radio buttons without the associated group label, making it difficult for blind users to recognize which radio buttons belong together in terms of content and function. Blind users must navigate through additional steps to determine the radio button group.
  • SI#492906 (Screen Reader) - Screen readers are not reading out the associated column heading in the first table column when navigating through individual cells using arrow keys in the grid table since the column headers don't have the correct labels. This leads to blind users being unable to connect the contents of the individual table cells with the column heading.
  • SI#492911 (Accessibility) - To ensure good ergonomics, the contrast between the text and background within an application should be maintained at a reasonable level. However, some elements such as Reports fall below the recommended 4.5:1 contrast ratio, leading to readability issues for users.
  • SI#492918 (Accessibility) - When navigating via the keyboard, users with visual or motor impairments may be directed to an unexpected position, necessitating a return to the previously focused content to proceed with their work.
  • SI#492921 (Screen Reader) - The "Close" dialog icon and button in the delegation pop-up window of the AgileApps platform have different labels.
  • SI#492924 (Screen Reader) - Users with motor impairments may use voice control to operate the application. For this reason, it is essential that the visible labels of operating elements are included in the programmatically determinable name, though this is not always the case.
    a) In the "Becoming a Representative" pop-up, the "Cancel" button lacks the visible label within the programmatically determined label, and is therefore identified by the screen reader as a "Close dialog" button. This can create issues for speech control software.
    b) The "Save" button lacks an aria-label altogether.
  • SI#492972 (Accessibility) - The interactive elements within the dashboard or the object list lack a distinct focus frame, making it difficult to identify them.
  • SI#492976 (Accessibility) - Upon performing any operation within the AgileApps platform, a notification message confirming the action is displayed for the users who are using the non-accessibility mode, and it disappears quickly.
  • SI#493026 (Accessibility) - AgileApps' run-time UI pages with syntax errors cause problems in interpreting the content for those users who use assistive technologies for the same.
  • When a user creates an Event Rule on the case 'Owner Change' and assigns it to the same user in a case, the Rule gets triggered.
  • The Update User page displays an erroneous validation message when an incorrect email address is entered while updating the new user details.
  • In, a "javax.xml.blind.annotation" error is displayed when attempting to create a page in developer resources due to the customer package dependency on that particular jar. This issue is resolved by including the jaxb jar in the project.

Known issues (Version 10.16.5 - September 2023)

  • The side panel on the results page is not synchronized with the side overlay pane. When you select objects from the side overlay pane, they reflect in the side panel of the results page, but vice versa is not working as expected.
  • When a user clicks the Clear Debug Log button, a 500 error status code appears.
  • Upon clicking on any application, relevant details of the application appear, along with administration component page details.

Version 10.16.2 (March 2023)

  • There is no proper message displayed while updating the Update Record Locator page with any of the fields being empty. The UI shows two error messages which have the same meaning.
  • When the user selects a language in the Available Language Settings section of the Update Company Information page and performs the same operation by adding some more languages, the previously added languages are displayed repetitively in the 'Language' textbox.
  • The Time Formula field doesn't get updated when the user saves the form for the first time. Upon the second attempt, the value gets updated.
  • When the user navigates from any of the unsaved web tabs of type ".jsp" to standard objects or anywhere in the application, it navigates without asking the user via dialog prompt if they have any unsaved changes on these JSP web tabs.
  • When the user navigates from one web tab to another, both of type ".jsp", the dialog prompt appears asking the user to leave or cancel on the current web tab.
  • The Scheduled Rule doesn't get created in the Portuguese language.
  • The Page Content view is not displaying as expected on Mobile.
  • Some unnecessary scroll bars are displayed on the Runtime UI of the AgileApps platform for the following scenarios:
    1. Record details.
    2. Record list with many records.
    3. Overview page that has multiple tabs.
  • The AgileApps platform is allowing the user to create duplicate section names in the Related Information section while creating Forms in the default layout.
  • On the Update Related Information form, the following error is displayed if a different sort order is chosen for the same Sort By field: "Invalid Sort Order selected. The selected sort order contradicts the previously selected options".
  • The user is unable to see the translation for the error messages for those languages selected other than English.
  • When the user creates a process to send an email to a specific address and invokes the business rule during Record addition, it fails throwing an error "Error in sending mail: Empty address".
  • On the Configuration > Applications page, there are some alignment issues with the line 'Last Modified By <name> at <date>
  • On the New Related Information page, if the user creates an object using an existing section name, the platform allows the object creation but it doesn't allow to use the duplicate section name during the edit operation.
  • The translation value for the field allow_record_view_static_fields in object properties is not displayed properly.
  • When the user tries to download all the files attached to a record, the platform doesn't include some of the unique files and duplicate files while downloading.
  • SI#483178 - An error [object Object] gets displayed for external lookup fields when the user tries to create a record.
  • The current third-party component Jackson Databind version 2.13.3 used is vulnerable. It is recommended for the user to upgrade to a safer version 2.14.0 to avoid vulnerabilities.
  • SI#484253 - With the upgrade to AgileApps version 10.13.25, the user saw the errors displayed in certain formula fields.
  • SI#484859 - The Configuration page shows empty for the Portuguese language.
  • The current X-XSS-Protection header (X-XSS Protection: 1; mode=block) is deprecated and using the same can introduce additional security issues on the client side.
    It is recommended for the user to set the X-XSS-Protection header value as 0 (X-XSS Protection: 0) to disable the XSS Auditor and not allow it to take the default behavior of the browser handling the response.
  • The user is unable to remove the following translated message in the header placed after the localized version of it in the customized emails sent via the AgileApps platform.
    (For example: "Please type your response ABOVE THIS LINE to reply. Case #010001.")
  • SI#486691 - The Timer Rule created on a Record doesn't trigger and thereby the user doesn't receive the mail.
  • SI#488924 - The current third-party component fluent-hc jar version 4.2.3 used is vulnerable. It has been upgraded to a safer version 4.5.14.
  • SI#490567 - If the users want to use the time logging feature in AgileApps and need other categories than predefined, they are not able to change them.
    1. Changing the value for Hours Logged would result in them being empty or blank in the new UI later on.
    2. Adding new values to the picklist is not reflected at all.
  • SI#493448 - Number fields with decimal values where the value is computed by the layout rule don't display correctly when the user switches the Local Information to German (Germany).
  • For every new tenant of the AgileApps platform, under the Policy Settings section of the Update Password Policy page, the default 'Inactive Session timeout' is set to 'Never' which should not be the case as it leads to causing security issues.
  • The file attachment to a record is failing in the old user interface of AgileApps.
  • The data is not getting imported when the user tries to create an application using the Create by Import option with a CSV file in the Application Construction Wizard.
  • Email2Case feature doesn't work when the user configures OAuth in the Cloud Cluster environment.
  • SI#474222 - The Timer Rule doesn't trigger when the user tries to schedule it greater than nine months in the Date field.
  • There is no option for the user to delete or remove the profile photo uploaded in the 'User Profile' section of the AgileApps platform.
  • On the 'Dashboard' > 'Add Widget' window, when the user doesn't provide the input for the required fields, the error message is displayed twice as an inline message and on the top of the window.
  • On the New Related Information page, under the Related Information section, without providing the linking field between the two objects, the related information gets saved successfully.
  • On the Configuration > Data Management > Import Data > Importing Data page, the user is able to select non-CSV files for uploading after the Target Object is selected.
  • The "isForceChangePassword" flag is set to false for an account with an expired password in the subsequent REST API login requests.
  • While configuring the Email Channel in the AgileApps platform, if any of the mandatory fields are left empty or entered the wrong information, there is no proper warning message displayed on the 'Update Mailbox' page.
  • On the Data Management > Import Data > Importing Data > Upload CSV page, the user is allowed to select non-CSV files and the platform updates the name of the uploaded file which is of unsupported file type.
  • The scroll bar doesn't work in the AgileApps platform when the user enables accessibility mode.
  • The left navigation bar doesn't appear when the user creates a new report, selects the report category with pre-filled selected fields, and opens the report by refreshing the page. This is only an issue with some of the older tenants and does not affect the newly created tenants.
  • SI#479001 - Column level sorting behavior is inconsistent between Views, Widgets, and Reports. All of them should have the same sortable columns. It got fixed by enabling flags for the sorting based on lookup fields on the UI.
  • SI#483945 - The Process Model Editor throws an Uncaught DOMException: An invalid or illegal string was specified error on the development console of the browser when the user includes special characters or XML-specific characters in the name of the following process blocks:
  1. User Task
  2. Executable Rule Set
  3. Call Process
  4. Web Service
  • The description in the Notes section on the side panel gets retained even after submitting it. Also if the user adds some text in the Notes editor and switches between tabs without submitting it, the unsaved notes don't get retained.
  • SI#488743 - The user is unable to delete or remove user-specific or company-specific information from the User Profile section.
  • The hours logged in a Case are currently allowed to be negative which isn't correct as the time spent on a particular Case cannot be negative.
  • There is no proper error message displayed while saving an empty process.
  • Some of the modules under Administration, Customization, Case Management, and Help do not have the Learn More buttons which provide the reference to the documentation pages on the AgileApps platform.
  • When a user attempts to upload a profile picture using the old runtime user interface, an error message is shown.