Version 10.15 Installable (webMethods Suite Version 10.11)

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Release Notes for the installable version of the AgileApps Cloud platform.

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About the Installable Version

The installable version of the AgileApps Cloud platform allows you to create and manage a private cloud behind your firewall. AgileApps Cloud platform also helps you to set up a public cloud with a shared application and global data.

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To view the list of fixes, see Version 10.15.5 (September 2022).

Features in 10.15 Release

Following is the list of features that are part of the 10.15 release.

Features in 10.15.5 Patch Release (September 2022)

Mailbox Configuration Settings - OAuth Configuration

  • Google and Microsoft have deprecated the basic authentication and will no longer support this feature from October 1st 2022. It is encouraged to use OAuth as the authentication type in your mailbox configuration settings.
  • If the existing configuration performed for basic authentication fails, you can change the authentication type to OAuth and follow its configuration steps.



  • All the exiting mailboxes needs to be reconfigured to adapt OAuth 2.0 for Microsoft and Google accounts.
  • Having the configuration performed with protocol POP3S shows inconsistent behaviour. It is encouraged to use the protocol IMAPS until the issue is resolved.

Features in 10.15.2 Patch Release (December 2021)

Search results pagination in AgileApps new user interface

Search results are now displayed with pagination in AgileApps new user interface. A particular number of a page from the list can be selected, with 10/20/30/40/50 items per page displayed at once.

Features in 10.15.1 Patch Release (September 2021)

User sync via SSO from Identity Providers

AgileApps now supports synchronizing user detail changes from identity providers.

Case analytics

AgileApps now supports Case Analytics dashboard for the service desk application, in the new UI.

Header sort functionality

AgileApps now supports dynamic header sort functionality in SubForms and Related Information sections.

Support for Secure LDAP

AgileApps platform now supports secure LDAP.

Support for Office365

It is now possible to use an office365 saved document as document template in AgileApps.

Froala based Rich Text Area Editor

AgileApps platform now supports rich text editing capabilities in the Rich Text Area field type, using a Froala editor.

Translation entries export by Application

AgileApps platform now supports application wise export of translation entries.

Improved record list view and pagination

AgileApps record list view now has improved pagination experience.

Default password change for AgileApps during installation

AgileApps platform now has improved security, with default password change triggered during Software AG installer.

Bug Fixes

Following are the fixes available.

Version 10.15.5 (September 2022)Icon new.png

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

  • SI#478776
When a user selects 5 in the "Limit data rows display to" view wigdet, the results were shown with the default page size of 20 or the last option selected by the user. The grid pagniator "Items per page" did not have the value 5 in the view widget and the issue got fixed by updating the paginator values.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#472916
On a record, if there are any unsaved changes and an associated task gets completed, no message appears notifying that data is lost. This problem is seen only for inline task completion.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#472510
When a user has logged out from the browser and accessed a different application object record with the URL provided in the Email with the application ID, it loads the record with the default layout instead of the assigned layout.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#477508
When a user does not select any fields in the compute, the three-level grouping report "Summary" is shown as "Record count" is enabled.

"Summary" should be visible when we select any fields in the compute.

This issue is resolved.
  • SI#479242
This issue is resolved.

Version 10.15.4 (July 2022)

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

  • SI#455654
Incorrect translation for the word "Clear" in german language is used at bookmark was translated differently at two places.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#455673
Agileapps runtime Dashboard page has a "globe"-Icon button instead, it should have a text-icon button to make it more convenient. ((Other buttons like Edit, Restriction, etc also should be changed in similar way)")
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#455677
File uploader dialog of Image/File field has "Add name" switch. When a user hovers on this switch, the cursor becomes a grab symbol instead of a pointer symbol.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#455743
In Agileapps new runtime UI, a user does not have a proper end of the list and can not make sure whether there are more items in the right side List-view panel or not.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#455744
The right-side navigation bar of the record detail page does not have a trigger to expand or collapse as the left-side navigation bar of the layout.
This issue is fixed.
  • SI#455745
When a user hovers over the table rows in Agileapp's new runtime UI, the entire row should have a visual effect like highlighting to understand which row the users are at.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#455753
The user is confused between the words "pin record" and "Bookmark".A user is not sure if they pin the record it gets saved in Bookmark or not.
This issue is resolved. A more descriptive message is added to avoid this confusion.

1) "Pin this record" changed to "Add this record to Bookmarks" 2) "Unpin this record" changed to "Remove this record from Bookmarks"

  • SI#457057
In the RTA field when a user wants to insert a link when there is only one line, the Insert button is barely accessible to click and does not work as expected.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#457665
When a user changes the objects in the create new popup in new UI default form layout is being loaded instead of the assigned form.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#457911
The "change reset fields" property was reset and cleared when the user updated a field in the form layout.
The issue is resolved.
  • ZenDesk Ticket
Configured Service portal image URL should not redirect to the current application URL.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#459484
Parent object with multiple subforms for different objects is not considered in total fields.
This issue is resolved.
  • ZenDesk Ticket
Improper input validation is implemented while creating an activity history entry.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#460208
In Chrome browser "Form autofill" functionality is dismissing the task-approval dialog.
This issue is resolved
  • SI#462824
An unauthorized user is able to access the Test Email feature in the Service Provider setting
This has been resolved now after placing a proper permission check.
  • SI#464409
When a parent has multiple children with same subform object, their totals are appended with :::numbers starting from 1,2,3 to differentiate between Totals, which get stored in the parent table. This Total field also needs to be captured in the layout section table, so that their total reflects correspondingly.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#464208
When a user uses a PDF format in a scheduled report and selects more than one recipient, the report is not delivered to all the recipients in the list.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#464722
In the dashboard, the number of items displayed per page in the view widget was not working.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#452718
When Base64 Decode was performed, the intermediate step "Deflated XML" had an issue where only the first half of the text was encrypted and the second half of the text was readable.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#467669
When a record ID is used in the formula field, a user gets an error message on clicking recalculateFormulaField. An error occurred as the field ID and the record ID got interchanged.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#468478
The formula field with return type date was not working as expected with date functions when a user has a different date format than the system.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#468477
The existing record has a subform that has an external lookup field. External lookup value is resetting to empty when a user saves existing records without modifying the subform record value.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#469118
When there is a special character(\u000b) in the text area or text field or rich text area, the REST API is not providing the response.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#469242
The positioning of the Time label for a date-time field is not aligned.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#471040
The summary report shows 'No item found' in a report where grouping is enabled. The summary section should only be displayed when we select the computed column.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#471938
Assigning "True" value to a checkbox and having layout rule criteria, this checkbox executes the actions for ELSE instead of THEN action.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#455596
Date time field time input does not have an input label.
This issue is resolved and a user can see the Date time field time input label as "Time".
  • SI#460365
UI is removing the value when a user types, as there is no proper ID associated with it, and when a user did not select the record from the lookup field autocomplete.
This issue is resolved. Now UI will send anything the user typed in the lookup field. It will be displaying "Select valid value" in UI
  • SI#461577
The set picklist layout rule does not work as expected when the rule is dependent on another field value. This issue is observed in AgileApps versions 10.13.18 and above.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#469632
The selected value for the look-up field in a web-form displays a blank value in the record. This is applicable when the look-up is selected as a pop-up and as a drop-down.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#455309
In Accessibility mode, If the lookup field has some "field hints" then the JAWS reader reads the entire dialog or main-content-area when focus goes to hints icon or lookup-field search button.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#455320
"A screen reader can not distinguish between Menu and Sub-menu in the left navigation panel. Currently, all the items including objects are appearing in a single menu list.
This issue is resolved."
  • SI#455571
Lookup field action buttons do not have a visual tooltip to understand the icon usage. All non-text-contents like pictures, graphics, and icons, require a text alternative, to understand the purpose of the button.
This issue is resolved. Title attribute has been provided to the 'Open search dialog' and 'redirect record' buttons in a lookup field.
  • SI#455607
"Agileapp's runtime UI record-form should not have any duplicate element ID, as per W3 standards.
This issue is resolved."
  • SI#455656
"The Date and Date-time field should have a placeholder that describes the date format so that before giving the input, a user can get to know which format has to be entered."
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#455759
"Action menu icon" appears on top of the record-view-table when a user selects multiple records. "Action menu icon" should be available along with the Action column of the record-view-table.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#460494
Users can delete a field used in Custom Access Control under Object Properties. Now restriction is added to delete.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#464772
Not able to copy or select RTA field content when a field is disabled or read-only.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5461757
The record auto number got skipped when the record ID got mapped during import of the number for records merge. The imported records have skipped the numbers approximately equal to the number of records they imported.
This issue is resolved.

Version 10.15.3 (February 2022)

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

  • SI#453339
Case number field content is not visible in a new UI, since it has a width restriction.
The issue is resolved and a user can see the whole text for this column.
  • SI#454816
When a locator field value is updated, the respective related information is not refreshed after :::saving. Due to this, a user is not able to add related information records.
The issue is resolved.
  • SI#455269
When a Record gets saved with the totals field in a subform of a child object, it shows an error while submitting a record.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#456800
Rich text field file uploader is accepting less than 10MB files. The Rich text field file uploader file size limit is increased to 20MB.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#456955
When a user selects the locale as English (Canada), date-time and time fields do not appear in the locale record.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#457502
Related information records table shows records from the wrong tab when tab is clicked during record fetch.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#458486
Error message to be corrected from plural to singular in Messagedb to generalize the message.
This issue is solved, and a message is changed to "Please correct the error(s) on this form."
  • SI#5460741
When trying to save the report in a Formula Field for Compute like Total, AVG, MIN, MAX, MOD, MEDIUM, STANDARD DEVIATION, etc, Platform throws validation error as "field(s) not supported in Computation ". However, the report works fine in the old UI, and an error is shown in the new UI for the same report.
The issue is resolved, and a user can select a Formula Field for Compute in the new UI. Formula Field Report is now supported in Compute Tab for computation.
  • SI#455258
An error message "Field(s) too long" is not displayed in the Platform user interface, when a user enters more than the limit specified by the Max Storage Length configuration of any field.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#456774
When a user creates a Child object record under the Parent object records, subforms of the Child object records get duplicated after saving the Parent Object records.
This issue is resolved.
  • Users can add more than 10 widgets in a dashboard column. After reloading only 10 widgets are visible. Changes made, a user can now add "only 10 widgets in a column".
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#455248
In accessibility mode, Lock-icons, which indicates the restriction are not read by a screen reader. The blind user is missing this information.
This issue is resolved
  • SI#455440
When a Note editor is accessed through the record and selects sender for Email, the cross button of the Notes editor reads as 'GenericLabel.removeChip' by JAWS.
This issue has been resolved. Now Notes editor read as "To remove press delete or backspace"
  • SI#455445
The drop-down list for "Role" in the "Become Delegation" dialog Label input field is not focused and read by JAWS.
This issue has been resolved. Now "Role" has information for the purpose of the field.
  • SI#455447
In an accessibility mode, when a browser is zoomed to 200% the Case object view list is overlapping between list content, list headers, and table contents.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#455573
In an accessibility mode, the Record form input field's border contrast is not as per the W3 standers.
The issue is resolved and all the Record forms have been highlighted.
  • SI#455588
"In the object list view page "Skip to main content" is not highlighting the main page menu.
This issue is resolved."
  • SI#455594
In the Notes-editor at the right panel, SUBMIT and CANCEL buttons are present at the top. It will be easy to navigate and update the record when the buttons are available at the bottom in the accessibility mode.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#455595
In an accessibility mode, the Record-process list has non-interactable focus elements. Using TAB focus is going to the process name, but this process name is not any interactable item.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#455597
The label for REPORT in the Left panel is 'Berichte' in Deutsch, which is not consistent with the REPORT page header title in English.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#455602
A mandatory field should have Astrix(*) symbol to indicate it as a required field. "Create folder" dialog for REPORT that has "Visibility control" field, which is a mandatory field but Astrix(*) symbol is missing there.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#455675
Disabled items (button) should have different color effects instead of normal color when an item is enabled. In runtime UI Report, EDIT, and DELETE buttons are disabled. It should have some gray color effect instead of dark color.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#457476
In the RTA fields, when we try to hover over the word which is in reference to a link, the cursor should change from text to pointer so that a user knows that the mouse is hovering over the word connected to a link.
This issue is resolved.

Version 10.15.2 (December 2021)

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

  • SI#5454692
Chinese characters are not replaced and rendered properly while printing the HTML document template.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5458029
Login report does not provide information related to SSO users.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5458265
If user "A" has created or modified a record, all the information modified or created by user "A" becomes blank when user "A" profile gets deleted.
Any record assigned to user "B" from user "A" is also not visible to any other users when user "A" profile gets deleted.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5458343
Timer Rules issue tasks not being created:
Whenever there is a load on Scheduler, if the timer rules execution is passed, then the execution is skipped.
The issue is resolved. Post the fix if the Scheduler is busy, the timer rules are not skipped anymore.
  • SI#5458684
Translation workbench application specific export does not work as expected, as it includes fields and labels from other applications as well.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5458799
"Field(s) too long" error is encountered when saving records of some objects in existing applications.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5458888
Subforms do not display the records in spite of the user having the right team data sharing permissions, post AgileApps fix upgrade to 10.13.15.
This issue is resolved. Team id required for team data sharing is now considered in subform permissions.
  • SI#5459318
The mark-up of checkboxes "label" incorrectly placed away from a "label-container" division in the new AgileApps runtime user interface.
However, "label" is supposed to be inside a "label container" division like every other field, which looks correct.
The issue is resolved.
  • SI#5459071
Rich text area field does not contain the font size menu to edit font size.
This issue is resolved. This issue is not observed with the Froala editor online, it is only applicable to the AgileApps editor. "Font Size" menu is now available in the rich text field toolbar.
  • SI#5459789
When a layout rule is enabled for "number with decimal " field, it results in an incorrect display of decimal value, when the record is saved.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5461447
When creating a numbered list and changing the font list to bold, the numbers themselves do not change to bold.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5461585
The lookup field in the subform is not sorting the users or teams.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5461442
RTA field doesn't have a full screen button to edit in full screen mode.
This issue is resolved by providing control.
  • SI#5461635
When a child Object record is accessed through another Object related information, it gets navigated to a parent object and shown with parent form. However, it should navigate to a child object and show the child form.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#1252131
When a record gets updated by the system and sorted through "Modified by" accending to descending, they are not sorting in order.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5461500
In the Productive environment, the attached files and images do not work after several days.
The issue is resolved
  • SI#450233
Regular user access profile has limitations. A user assigned with this profile can access a few administrative URLs and can make changes. Now, administrative access is restricted. Whenever the permission is allowed to a tenant, then only the user can access these URLs.
This Issue is resolved.
  • SI#450228
JSP page controller with the "pi" parameter has a Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability.
The issue is resolved.
  • SI#450234
In a given parameter, the document selection dialog has a Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#450236
In a given parameter, the multi-user lookup selection dialog has a Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#450934
1)The new UI lookup grid records do not show the translated German word JA and NEIN for checkbox field values. Instead, it is showing YES and NO. This issue will be resolved in the 10.13.19 release
2)Similarly, for Views and reports, the YES word is not translated to the German word "JA". This issue will be resolved in the next translation cycle as the message is added in messageDB, which will be in January 2022.
This issue is resolved
  • SI#452368
When a user creates the assigned value to the picklist layout rule in the record form, as per the enumeration order provided in the picklist field configuration, the order of the picklist values display is not correct.
The issue is solved.
  • SI#452373
In Agileapps new UI, a filter does not work if applied in the Report data within the below conditions:
1) Manual input of date (not from date picker).
2) 30 or 28 days from the current month.
3) Fixed start or end date with the value 31.
This issue is Resolved.
  • SI#452854
When the owner field record is set to OpenOwnership and user language is set to other languages than English, the record can not be saved.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#452874
If the user has the same first name and last name and different email ID, the user selected is NOT the one saved to the system. It saves the other user with the same first and last name.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5457648
The recipients added through an email address and bcc in the scheduled report were able to receive reports and see the data through email, irrespective of permissions.
This issue is resolved by removing the BCC and Email address, for new reports creation has been done for security reasons. On saving existing reports, these email addresses will no longer receive messages.
  • SI#448967
When a "Subform" gets added to the "Main object" and data is saved from the Subform (which has a file field), the file name is not displayed back when a user selects the edit button next time from the Subform. However, the file name is visible when the save button is used from the Main object.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5457685
Problem Statement: Records are not showing after adding in the subform which is present under another subform in New-UI.
Solution Description: The issue is fixed.
  • SI#450089
New UI does not allow report filter BLANK when filtering an empty Data Field.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5453999
Non-administrative regular user is not able to edit dashboard or assign the visibility of the dashboard, created by him.
This issue is resolved. Dashboard creator now has edit permissions.
  • SI#1452157
The contrast of the arrow icon element and calendar header buttons in AgileApps runtime user interface, has less contrast ratio as per the W3C recommendations when working in accessibility mode.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5641081
One typo error is detected in AgileApps new runtime user interface. Error is "Error while initilaizing record list" to be corrected to "Error while initializing record list"
The issue is resolved.
  • SI#450143
A User can not activate an inactive delegation from the delegation list view page. Platform throws an error "*null" when selecting the delegation list view page.
This issue is resolved.

Version 10.15.1 (September 2021)

Following are the fixes available with this patch:

  • SI#5456985
Download attachment from open office viewer fails, in AgileApps new user interface.
This issue is resolved. This issue is not observed with upload attachment.
  • ZenDesk Ticket
When user has assigned his locale with Dutch or Bulgarian, user is not able to see the saved date/datetime/time field values on the UI.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5456277
Report configuration page does not load correctly when custom formula fields are created and configured in the color coding of the report.
This issue also causes un-editable reports due to invisible fields. This issue is only observed in new user interface.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#1453091
Lexical error is encountered due to JJTree stream's inability to recognize characters other than extended ASCII set.
This issue is resolved. Placeholders now send query to JJTree stream. These placeholders are replaced with actual un-supported literals post get query.
  • SI#5455885
AgileApps sets the HSTS header with incorrect syntax, separating the parameters by a comma instead of a semi-colon.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5455282
Date fields always display in yyyy-mm-dd format in subform grid records, regardless of the user date format setting.
This issue is resolved. This issue is not observed in the related information section.
  • SI#5455018
AgileApps new user interface JavaScript API ""getDataOnPostSave()"" fails the intended operation of reject promise when the form is invalid.
It resolves the promise on success API call.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5453846
Direct access of the portal using URL ""/networking/servicedesk/index.jsp?lang=en#_portal"", is not allowed when Activate New User Interface
flag is enabled in company information. This issue results in a redirection to ""../agileapps/ui-redirect?hashString=portal/articles"".
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5453491
DateTime field is wrong by -2 hours when set to 00:00 . This issue is observed when the date time value is printed from the java class invoked from a macro.
This issue is not observed with any other time value.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5453981
DOM reference variables gets overwritten
After opening subform records and while creating new related info record, the DOM reference variables in parent record's
custom script context, gets overwritten. It would overwrite references for _sdForm and other related variable values.
This issue is now fixed.
  • SI#5453103
DateTime field renders incorrectly in the dashboard bar chart.
This issue is resolved. This issue is not observed in certain locales such as Albanian.
  • SI#5453509
Company Information REST API currency format response always displays ""$"" irrespective of currency locale chosen.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5447903
AgileApps Timer Rules fail to execute when concurrently creating a large number of new services.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5452974
AgileApps platform throws data truncation error or field too long error, when more fields are selected in the search field of record locator.
This issue also results in index out of bond error in DTag environment.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5452567
AgileApps native dialog fails to load for the process view of a case that appears on the right hand side menu of the detail view.
A full screen image is loaded instead without any interaction options.
This issue is resolved. This issue is caused by a dependency on the open office enabled status. This check has now been removed.
  • SI#5452440
"Invalid Field ID specified for Summary Formula field {0}." error encountered when adding summary formulas
in the new user interface report editor.
This issue is resolved. This issue is not observed in old user interface.
  • SI#5442768
A lookup field type is not updated, when the field type is changed or the field is deleted. This is applicable to picklist field type as well.
For the existing fields with reset fields populated - issue will still persist, but once the field is updated the fix will be applied.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5449479
SAVE, SAVEAS, SORTING and FILTERING functionalities do not work on reports when the report filter is configured for ""Specific team""
or ""Specific users"". This issue is only observed in AgileApps new runtime user interface.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5451583
Number with decimals value is incorrectly copied from the lookup field when layout rule is present on that copy field.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5448399
Multiple server restarts are required due to error accessing datastore while creating a record. This is caused by deletion
of fields such as ""request_type"", resulting in a stale cache entry.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5456378
Filter does not work in Junction object lookup for all languages other than English.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5455559
Office365 word document generated using AgileApps Document Template functionality, shows a warning message on being opened.
This issue is resolved.
  • SI#5454692
Chinese characters are not replaced and rendered properly while printing the HTML document template.
This issue is resolved.