Customer Satisfaction Surveys

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Satisfaction surveys let you collect comments from customers to find out how well you handled their cases. When the customer responds to a survey, an entry is added to the case history, and their response is recorded is stored in the Case's Customer Rating field. Views and reports can be created by filtering on that field.

This article shows you how to manage the survey process, to capture that data.

The system is pre-configured to send out a customer Satisfaction Survey whenever a case is Resolved. It is then either closed or re-opened, depending on the customer response. To bypass that behavior, a Case Agent can mark the case as Closed (the final step in the case lifecycle).

You can also tailor the survey system to your needs:

  1. Click GearIcon.png > Case Management > Customer Satisfaction
  2. Adjust Survey Settings, as needed:
  • Enable Automatic Send
Uncheck this box to disable surveys.
  • When to Send
By default, Surveys are sent when a case is Resolved. But you can choose to send it when the case is Closed, instead.
(To learn more, see Case States and Transitions.)
  • Email Template
The template to use when the survey goes out. (Click the link to view it and make changes.)
  • Satisfaction Ratings
The default ratings have three levels: Dissatisfied, Satisfied, and Very Satisfied. But you can edit them to change the number of levels, and/or change the names.


While the names can be anything you like, the values must be numeric. The value representing the user's selection is stored in the case, in the "Customer Rating" field. That field can be used for filtering in views and reports.