SLA Escalations

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SLA Escalations specify actions to take at specified milestones during the duration of a Service Level Objective. Milestones are specified in terms of percentages of the objective's duration. For example, if an SLA calls for resolution in 4 hours, then a milestone at the 50% mark would be 2 hours after the Service Level Objective commences. One or more actions could be taken at that time to send an email or execute a Rule Set (which could reassign the case, for example).

The escalation procedure that comes predefined with the system, is generally good enough to get started. This article shows you define your own.

Working with Escalations

Add or Edit an Escalation Process

  1. GearIcon.png > Case Management > SLA Escalations
  2. Select an existing escalation, or click [New SLA Escalation]
  3. Fill in the Escalation Settings, below
  4. Click [Save]

Escalation Settings

  • Name - Give the escalation process a name.
  • Time Elapsed - Specify the point at which the action is to occur:
At 25% of the time specified for the SLA Objective, at 100% of that time, or somewhere in between.
  • Select Action

Select the action to take when the time has elapsed:

  • Email the Case Owner
  • Email the Manager of the Case Owner
  • Email the SLA Task Owner
SLAs have two associated tasks--one to respond to the case, and another to resolve it, either of which can be assigned to another user or a team. This choice and the next apply to both tasks.
  • Email the Manager of the SLA Task Owner
  • Execute a [[Rule Set], which can reassign cases and tasks, among other actions.
When sending an email, templates of type SLA Notification will be available for selection. If you create a new template for this purpose, be sure to give it that type. (It makes additional template variables available that work only for SLAs.)
  • [Add More]

Click this button to add additional actions.

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