Record Pinning in New Runtime UI for AgileApps

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The Record Pinning feature is like using a bookmark. Use this feature to store your last visited records as favorites. You can access these favorites at any later time. These bookmarked records are available from any screen of AgileApps. Each record you save is user-specific as well as application specific. By default, the application stores your last 5 recently visited records.

Using the Record Pinning Feature

  1. Log into the AgileApps application.
  2. Open any record for which you want to set a bookmark.
  3. On the top of the record, click Record pinning button.png next to the record name as shown in the example here Record pinning.png. After you bookmark the record, the shade of the bookmark button will change as shown in the example here Record pinning complete.png.
  4. Access the bookmarked records by clicking the bookmark option from the top of the masthead as shown here Record pinning masthead.png.