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A record ID is a unique value used to access and update data. Record IDs can appear as: id, record_id, or recordId, depending on the tool. The record ID is used in APIs and some Formula Expressions.

Typically, the record ID is stored in a record's id field. Those fields generally are not displayed in common Views or Reports.

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Get a Record ID Programmatically

Record IDs can be obtained using:

In the REST APIs, the record ID is stored in the id field.

To get a record ID using the Java APIs: Field values are stored in the Parameters object that is delivered to code that is running in the platform.

  • To get the ID of the record in that object, use the get method on that object, specifying 'id' as the name field to get.
  • A field of type Lookup stores the Record ID for the object it points to. To retrieve the record ID it contains, use the get specifying 'field _name' (the name of the field, in single quotes) as the field to get.
  • Record Identifier has a Range of: 1 - 2,147,483,647
  • In most Objects, the record id is an integer
  • Exception:In these objects, the record ID is a text string:
  • Lookup fields require a string value.
To convert a numeric Record ID to a string, use the CONCAT Formula Function:
CONCAT (id, '')
          id is a Record Identifier
          '' is two single quote (') characters