Record Actions

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In the sidebar, while viewing a record, click Actions to reveal a list of additional actions that can be taken on the record.


This option appears for any record that does not currently have a Record Owner.

Assign to Owner

Use this option to select a User as the owner of the record.

Assign to Team

Use this option to assign the record to a Team.


If you permissions permit it, you can use this option to delete a record, automatically moving it to the Recycle Bin, where it is held for 30 days.

Learn more: Delete Records


Use this option to produce a formatted version of record data, either in a new window or in a Word, PowerPoint, or PDF file, depending on the type of template.

Learn more: Print a Record

Merge Records

This option appears for Cases. Use it to eliminate duplication by merging two records into one.

Learn more: Case Merge


This option appears for Tasks. Use it to mark a Task as completed.


Macros defined for this object appear here.