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The configuration file is used to enable or disable back end servers and configure performance parameters. These settings apply to all the tenants.

The file can also be modified manually, after which the server should be shut down and started again.

In case of multiple servers, the configurations should be in sync across all the servers.

  1. Modify the file for all the servers.
  2. Shut down the servers.
  3. Start the servers.

The file is located at {install_dir}/profiles/IS_default/configuration/tomcat/conf/RN directory

Changing configuration parameters

To enable a configuration parameter, remove the pound key (#):

config_param (Enabled)

To disable a configuration parameter, add a pound key (#):

#config_param (Disabled)

After changing parameters, Restart the Application Server to read the new values.


Warning: Do not change the DBSource property. It's value (RN) is the alias used by the Application Server to connect to the data source. If inadvertently changed, the platform won't run.


Note: This note is applicable only for SLO functionality. As SAML SLO mandates digitally signed requests, any certificates added to the trustStore are used for signing purposes. It is necessary to configure the certificate information in the file. Provide the certificate file location for "keystoreFile" property and the certificate password for "keystorePass" property.
To use the SLO functionality, update the following in the file.


Report scheduler service

Parameter Default Setting
Notes and Usage:
  • If report_scheduler_manager_instance is enabled, then report_threads must also be enabled
  • The report_threads parameter defines the number of threads to be spawned. It can be changed to manage performance.
Learn more: Tuning Report Threads

#report_scheduler_manager_instance =1 (Disabled) #report_threads=2 (Disabled, Default = 2)

Import service

Parameter Default Setting
Notes and Usage:
  • In distributed server environments, this parameter should be enabled on a single server, only
Learn more: Data Import'
#import_manager_instance = 1 (Disabled)

Export service

Parameter Default Setting
Notes and Usage:
  • In distributed server environments, this parameter should be enabled on a single server, only
Learn more: Export Queue
#export_manager_instance = 1 (Disabled)

Memcached service

Parameter Default Setting
Notes and Usage:
  • Hostname and Port must match values set at installation
  • Learn more: Installation FAQs
Distributed Caching
Multiple memcached servers can be used for distributed access, and minimized response time:
  • The value is space-separated list of server IP addresses and port numbers (11211, in this example)
  • Make sure that all instances are configured the same way, to keep the caches in sync.
Learn more: Configuring memcached
#MemCachedServers=localhost:1121 (Disabled)

Bounce service

Parameter Default Setting
Learn more: Email Bounce Notification
third_party_marketing_campaign_bounce_processing=1 (Enabled)

One-click document viewing

When enabled, .docx files and PDFs added as attachments appear in a pop-up PDF viewer when clicked. When turned off, only images appear in a popup when clicked. Other documents must be downloaded to be viewed.

Parameter Notes
#One-Click Document Viewing
  • Requires OpenOffice to be installed on the application server.
    Learn more: Software Requirements
  • Default OpenOffice port is 8100.
  • Default host is localhost.


Parameter Default Setting
Notes and Usage:
  • CacheType value determines the cache to be used - EHCache or Memcached
  • CacheType value 1 is for Memcached, CacheType value 2 is for EHCache
  • By default, “1” is selected
#CacheType=1 (Disabled)


Parameter Default Setting
Notes and Usage:
  • Comes into effect when EHCache is selected. CacheType=2
  • local is for in-memory EHCache, distributed is for distributed EHCache using Terracotta Server
  • local or distributed cache is defined at {install_dir}/profiles/LJP/configuration/tomcat/conf/RN directory/ehcache.xml
  • New cache configuration can be created in {install_dir}/profiles/LJP/configuration/tomcat/conf/RN directory/ehcache.xml with a unique name for the cache and CacheName property can be set to this unique name
  • By default, “localCache” is selected
#CacheName=localCache (Disabled)

On behalf of email disabled

Parameter Default Setting
Notes and Usage:
  • This property is used to disable the emails which are sent by email ids or domains other than AgileApps emails to avoid email spoofing.
#on_behalf_of_email_disabled=0 (disabled)

Digitally sign email enabled

Parameter Default Setting
Notes and Usage:
  • This property is used to enable digital signature for the emails which are sent by AgileApps.
#digitally_sign_email_enabled=0 (disabled)

Digitally sign digest algorithm

Parameter Default Setting
Notes and Usage:
  • This property is used to select a valid digest algorithm.
  • Supported algorithms are DIGEST_SHA1, DIGEST_MD5, DIGEST_SHA256, DIGEST_SHA384, and DIGEST_SHA512.
#digitally_sign_digest_algorithm=DIGEST_SHA512 (disabled)

Digi sign email key alias

Parameter Default Setting
Notes and Usage:
  • This property specifies the key alias in the digital signature certificate.
#digiSignEmailKeyAlias=longjump (disabled)

Passman configuration file

Parameter Default Setting
Notes and Usage:
  • This property specifies the file path of the configuration file that is used for securing keystore password of the certificate.
#passmanConfigFile=<file_path> (disabled)

Code instrumentation enabled

Parameter Default Setting
Notes and Usage:
  • This property enables code instrumentation for custom class and JSP.
code_instrumentation_enabled=0 (disabled)

mcode_instrumentation_enabled=1 (enabled)

Messaging channel

Parameter Default Setting
Notes and Usage:
  • This property enables Process Engine to communicate through Universal Messaging allowing you to create a case when a step executes and a case spawns a process.
messaging_channel=0 (disabled)

messaging_channel=1 (enabled)

Page dimension

Parameter Default Setting
Notes and Usage:
  • This property allows you to configure the page size of the PDF file that is generated by clicking Print from the Actions dropdown of a record.
page_dimension=Letter (enabled)

Other sample values:


Integration server

Parameter Default Setting
Notes and Usage:
  • This property enables AgileApps to connect with Integration Server.
integration_server=1 (enabled)

integration_server=0 (disabled)

E-mail Channel

Parameter Default Setting
Notes and Usage:
  • This property allows you to configure several attachments, the File size, and the E-mail body size sent over an E-mail.

max_email_attachment_size=5242880 (meaning 5*1024*1024)

max_email_body_size=5242880 (meaning 5*1024*1024)

EOM Marker

Parameter Default Setting
Notes and Usage:
  • This property enables you to remove the end-of-message text, "Please type your response ABOVE THIS LINE to reply. Case $case_number." (or the translated message in some cases) in the customized emails sent via the AgileApps platform.
  • It is not recommended for customers who want to utilize the Email2Case functionality.
  • This is for on-premise only.

Schedule business rule

Parameter Default Setting
Notes and Usage:
  • This property improves the performance of long-running scheduled business rules.
  • The value must be greater than or equal to 1.