Modify the List of Case Status Values

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Case Status summarizes in general terms what has been done so far on a case, and indicates what needs to be done next. Default status values and the flow between them is described in Case States and Transitions.

This article shows you how to modify the list of Case Status values that an agent or automated procedure can choose from.

To modify the list of Case Status values:

  1. GearIcon.png > Customization > Global Picklists
  2. Click the Case Status entry
  3. Click [Edit] to make changes to the list
  4. When done, click [Save]

The default status entries have fixed values, and can't be deleted. But you can change their labels to be anything you want. So instead of displaying, "Open", for example, you could change the status entry to display as "In Progress". You can also add new entries, and those entries can be modified in any way you like.


Important: Be careful when making changes. Case records store numeric picklist values--not text. So if you change the values of picklist entries, you may need to change the values stored in case records, as well.