Mass Ownership Change

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GearIcon.png > Administration > Data Management > Mass Ownership Change

The Mass Ownership Change feature lets you quickly change the Ownership designated in multiple records. In order to apply a mass ownership change, you must first create a View that includes all the records that you want to change.

Learn more: Mass Operations


To update Ownership information::

  1. Create a custom View that filters for the records you want
  2. Click GearIcon.png > Administration > Data Management > Mass Ownership Change
  3. In the Change Ownership page, enter your information in the required fields:
    • Select an Object from the list.
    • Select a View that contains the records you want to reassign.
    • Select the Type of assignment: To an Individual or a Team.
    • Select the individual or team who will become the owner of the records.
  4. Click the [Execute] button to apply the change to all the records in the view.
    A confirmation dialog appears.
  5. Click the [OK] button to confirm the action.
    When the Mass Operation completes, you see a success message with the number of records transferred.

To view the changes that have been made, click the object that you selected as the Resource and, if necessary, open one or more records.

See Offline Processing for Batches of 2500 Records or More for details on handling large batch operations.