Mass Delete Data

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GearIcon.png > Administration > Data Management > Mass Delete Data

The Mass Delete Data feature provides the ability to quickly delete multiple records based on specific criteria, as defined in a View.

Learn more: Mass Operations

Perform a Mass Delete

To do a Mass Delete:

  1. Create a View that selects the desired records
  2. Click GearIcon.png > Administration > Data Management > Mass Delete Data.
  3. In the Mass Delete Data page, enter the following information in the required fields:
    • Select an Object from the list
    • Select the View that contains the records to delete
  4. Click the [Execute] button to delete all the records in the selected view
    A confirmation dialog appears
  5. Click [OK] to confirm the action.

The records are moved to the Recycle Bin, where they are held for 30 days. A success message is displayed, indicating the number of records deleted.

Undo a Mass Delete

To undo a Mass Delete, see Recycle Bin.

See Offline Processing for Batches of 2500 Records or More for details on how large batch operations are handled.

Delete an Audit Log

After a mass delete action is executed on Audit Log records, a single entry is recorded in the Audit Log, which includes these elements:

  • Filter criteria of the View used to select the records to delete; Contains these fields: Filter by Record Ownership, Date Filter, Column (Field) Filter and Subquery filter
  • Object Name
  • Number of records deleted