Keyboard Shortcuts

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Rich Text Editor

These keyboard shortcuts are available when using a rich text editor in the platform--for example, when sending a message as part of a case or adding a private note to a record.

OS X Windows
Select All Cmd+A Ctrl+A
Cut Cmd+X Ctrl+X
Copy Cmd+C Ctrl+C
Paste Cmd+V Ctrl+V
Undo Cmd+z Ctrl+z
Redo Cmd+Shift+Z Ctrl+Shift+Z
Exit Editor Cmd+Q Ctrl+Q
Increase indent TAB TAB
Decrease indent Shift+TAB Shift+TAB
Numbered list Cmd+K Ctrl+K
Bulleted list Cmd+J Ctrl+J
Bold Cmd+B Ctrl+B
Italic Cmd+I Ctrl+I
Subscript Cmd+H Ctrl+H
Superscript Cmd+L Ctrl+L
Clear formatting Cmd+M Ctrl+M