Job Scheduler

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GearIcon.png > Administration > Data Management > Job Scheduler

Use this page to schedule a job that will carry out operations defined in a Java class.


Tip: For greater flexibility, use Scheduled Rules, instead.

Scheduling a Job

  1. Visit GearIcon.png > Administration > Data Management > Job Scheduler
  2. Click [New Job]
  3. Fill in the Job Parameters:
    • Job Name - The name that will appear in the job list
    • Select a Schedulable Class - Choose a class from the list.
      Only classes that have been designed to be schedulable are listed for selection.
      Learn more: Java API:Schedule a Job
    • Repeating Frequency - Make a selection here to run the job automatically at specified intervals.
    • Activation Date - Choose the date for the initial activation.
    • Activation Time -
    • End Date - When a Repeating Frequency is chosen, this section appears. Specify the last date
    • Run As - Choose the user to run the job as. (Only users with permissions equal to or less than your own are listed.)

Viewing Jobs

To view the list of job records, visit

GearIcon.png > Administration > Data Management > Job Scheduler

To see jobs currently in the queue and view their status, visit

GearIcon.png > Administration > Monitor > Scheduled Job Log

Stopping a Job

Once a job has been created, use the options available in the list view to delete it.



  • Only the entry in the scheduling queue is deleted. If the job is currently running, it runs to completion.
  • Delete option is available to you only for custom jobs scheduled using business rules or scheduler report. This option is not available for system jobs.

Job Limits

The number of jobs that can be run on any given day is determined by your billing plan.