JSP Attachment Deprecation

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A document template based on a JSP page can no longer be included as attachment in an Email Template, due to limitations on the number of contexts in which it can be successfully used.

(Existing templates are not affected. But when adding new attachments, JSP templates no longer appear in the list.)


An attachment that is generated from JSP a template works when a message is sent interactively. However, it is not possible to send such an attachment from a Rule, a Process, or one of the Java sendEmail APIs.

Suggested Alternative: Use an HTML Document Template.

  • Use Velocity code for loops and conditionals, in place of Java code.
  • If necessary, use Java code to create a Document Template Class, and use that class to provide the data that the template processes.


Best Practice:
Identify email templates that include a JSP-based attachment, so designers and developers know to avoid them in Rules, Processes and Java code. For example, add the word "Interactive" or "JSP" to the template name. (That practice also helps to identify document templates that need to be converted.)