HowTo:Generate Printable PDFs for Views, Records, and Reports

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For:   Users
Level: Intermediate
Time: 10 minutes

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Mass View Print

For more information on Mass Print on Selected Record, see [1]

Print a Record

You can also print an individual Record.

To print a Record
  1. Visit the Record.
  2. In the sidebar, click Actions
  3. Choose the Print option.
    A dialog box opens with printing options.
  4. Choose your printing options:
    • Choose to format the record using a Print Form or a Document Template.
      (If you choose Document Template, and none exists, a button appears to let you create one on the spot.)
    • Choose Portrait or Landscape orientation for the printer
    • Choose to Open in a New Window or Save as Document
      The generated format depends on your choice and the type of template:
Save as Document Open in a New Window
JSP template PDF HTML
HTML template
Word template Word document
PowerPoint template PowerPoint file

Print a Report

To print a Report:

  1. Open the Reports tab and select a report to run (click a report name to select it)
  2. Click one of the buttons that appears at the top of the report:
    • [Print HTML] - Construct an HTML that can be printed or saved from your browser
    • [Excel Print] - Create an Excel-format file. From your browser, open it in Excel or download it and save it.
    • [Export] - Create a CSV (Comma-Separated Value) file that can be downloaded and used elsewhere.
Learn more: Options in Reports

Advanced Printing

  • Create and use Document Templates to design custom printouts for invoices, order forms, contracts, or any other Object.