HowTo:Add a Custom Print Button to a Form

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For:   Designers
Level: Intermediate
Time:  5 minutes

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This code adds a [Custom Print] button to a Form, when placed in an On Load Form Script.

In this case, the goal is to restrict a user who has access to that form to a specific template. (The standard Print operation makes all templates available. A standard Custom Form Action button, meanwhile, is present in every form. This code puts the button in a specific form, to restrict template access for users whose role causes it to be displayed.)

Set up the custom print button
  1. Go to GearIcon.png > Customization > Objects > {object} > Forms > {form}
  2. Click [Form Script]
  3. Click [Edit]
  4. In the On Load Script area, enter the code below.
  5. Click [Save]
JavaScript code
"<input type='button' id='customPrint' value='Custom Print' class='lj-button fg-button ui-state-default ui-corner-all' onClick=\"javascript:lj_printRecord('default_print_layout=template&show_print_layout=no&default_print_document=jsp&default_page_orientation=landscape&default_pdf=yes&show_pdf=no&print_immediately=yes');\">"
How the code works
Remove the standard print button
Finds the location of the edit button (present in every form), gets it's parent (the toolbar), and adds the new button to it.
class='lj-button fg-button ui-state-default ui-corner-all'
The standard CSS style elements for platform buttons.
<input type='button' ...
Define the button. (The entire string is one uninterrupted line.)
Specify the button's action

Learn more: JavaScript Functions#lj_printRecord