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Date/Time Formats

Dates and Times are used throughout the platform, in Appointments, as Start/End Dates in Tasks, Expected Close Date, Estimated Start/End Date, Date Due, etc. T

Default formats are specified in the Company Information section of the Setup area. Admins and Users can change the default selection for an individual in the User Settings.

Date Format

These Date Formats are available in the platform:

mm/dd/yyyy    dd/mm/yyyy    yyyy/dd/mm    yyyy/mm/dd
mm-dd-yyyy    dd-mm-yyyy    yyyy-dd-mm    yyyy-mm-dd
mm is "Month", dd is "Day", yyyy is Year
and delimters are:
(/) slash, or stroke
(-) dash, or hyphen
(.) period, dot, or full stop

Time Format

Users can choose a 12-hour clock with AM/PM, or a 24-hour clock.

Using a 12-hour format, '10:00 AM' is created with this syntax:

Format Type Examples

hh:mm a

   12-hour clock
   24-hour clock

   3:30 AM, 3:30 PM
   3:30, 15:30

Format of DateTime Fields

The format for a DateTime field is the combination of the user's localized date and time, separated by a space.

Date/Time Strings and Formula Functions

Date/Time strings are used as arguments in many of the Date and Time Formula Functions, and can also be returned as the result from those functions.


'03/27/2009 10:15 am'
'20.04.2009 10:45 pm'
'2009-20-04 20:30'


To put a date or a time into a Formula, it's best practice to use the DATE and TIME functions. For example: DATE(2013,3,26). Coding a date/time string like '3/26/2013' will work for some users, but fail for others if their format differs.

Date/Time strings are composed of these elements:

Element Syntax Description
year yyyy A text string depicting the year (1900 - 9999)
month mm A text string depicting the month (1-12, beginning with January)
day dd A text string depicting the day of the month (1-31, depending on the number of days in the month)
hour hh A text string depicting the hour in the format (0-12 for a 12-hour clock, or 0-24 for a 24-hour clock)
minute mm A text string depicting the minute in the format (0-59)
part of day am
A text string the identifies the part of day for a 12-hour clock.
For more information, see
In Form fields, the string is determined by the user's locale. For example, "vorm." and "nachm." in Germany. But in Formula Fields, the value must be either "am" or "pm".
Learn more: Date and Time Formula Functions

For Developers

Date Expressions

Expression Result
DATESUB('06/13/2009', 2, 'MONTH') = '04/13/2009'
DATESUB(end_date, MONTH(start_date), 'MONTH') = '04/23/2009'
DATESUB(end_date, start_date) = 140 (days)
MONTH(end_date) - MONTH(start_date) = 4 (months)


end_date = '06/23/2009'
start_date = '02/03/2009' and MONTH(start_date) = 2

Long Date Format

Resources in APIs that apply Date or DateTime values use a Long Date Format, which is different from theMM-DD-YYYY date patterns described in the UI.

Long Date Format is based on the Java class Date, which is defined as the number of milliseconds since January 1, 1970, 00:00:00 GMT.

This Long Date Format encodes dates and times as a number, which can then be applied to complex filters and formulas in the AgileApps Cloud platform.