Data Import FAQs

From AgileApps Support Wiki

What 3rd party applications does the platform currently interface with or import from?

Many customers have successfully imported data from Outlook, Lotus Notes, Act, and Goldmine. In addition, we can capture any CSV (comma separated values) file and bring it into the platform.

For migration help, contact our professional services team. To do so, simply File a Support Case.

How do I move my data into the platform?

If you have existing data, for example in spreadsheets or other databases, you will want to export the data as a CSV (comma-separated values) file. Every application where structured data is used will support this format. We recommend that at this stage, you take the time to clean up your data so that you are not putting bad information into a clean system. If your data fits one of our standard tabs (Accounts, Contacts, etc.) you can import them into those tabs. If your data fits one of our standard tabs, but has custom fields, you should add the custom fields prior to import. If you have custom data, you can add a new tab and import the data and create fields automatically. If you are not comfortable with migrating your data, we can help you as part of our professional services.

Will imported data be duplicated?

This depends heavily on the data. As long as a unique field is available to use as a merge key (for example Account numbers or Merchant numbers from a business directory service), we will properly merge the data with existing records and reduce duplicated information.

Can we easily migrate our data from old system to the platform?

In most cases, yes. However, in some circumstances, for example custom designed systems or systems with very poor data, additional data cleansing is recommended before bringing it into the platform.