Company Messages

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Settings > Administration > Company Messages

About Company Messages

Company messages are seen by users when they log in. They are good for scheduled downtime, planned outings, and announcements.

  • Messages can be formatted using HTML tags, and are displayed for a specified period of time.
  • Users who are currently logged in will see the message the next time they log in.
  • If two messages are sent, users will see only the last one.


Tip: Post messages at least 36-hours ahead of time, to give all users a chance to see it.

Working with Company Messages


Adding a Company Message

To add a Company Message:

  1. Click the [New Message] button, and complete the following information:
    Description of the message (for user reference only, not displayed in the Company Message)
    Display Start Date
    Display the message beginning from this date
    Display End Date
    Display the message until this date
    Message Description
    Enter the body of the message. Use the toolbar to add rich text (font or style formatting, images or links), or click the [Source] button to edit raw HTML.
  2. In the Conditional Visibility section, complete the following information:
    Limit Visibility to Teams and their Sub Teams
    Display the Company Message only to specified Teams and Sub Teams
    Limit Visibility to Role
    Display the Company Message only to Users in a specified Role
  3. Click [Save]

Editing a Company Message

To edit a Company Message:

  1. Click the message you want to change
  2. Click the [Edit] button
  3. Make any necessary changes
  4. Click [Save]

Deleting a Company Message

To delete a Company Message:

  1. Click the message you want to delete.
  2. Click the [Delete] button.
    A confirmation dialog appears.
  3. Click [OK] to delete the message.