Community Marketplace

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About the Community Marketplace

The community marketplace is a catalog of application packages.


  • The Community Marketplace option is managed by the Service Provider.
  • In an on-premise installation, the default setting is Off.
  • In the cloud, this setting is On.
    (This setting can be modified only in an On-Premise Installation.)
Learn more: Community Site Configuration

How the marketplace is used:

  • You can browse Marketplace under GearIcon.png>Help>Marketplace
  • Users can rate application packages (giving them from one to five stars), and they can add review comments.
  • Developers provide information for a marketplace listing after "publishing" the package to create the zip archive.
  • Service Providers approve submitted packages using Manage Catalog functionality.


Tenant Subdomains are recommended for use with the marketplace.
Learn more: Service Configuration#Community Site Configuration

Working with the Community Marketplace

Configuring the Marketplace

By default, the marketplace is disabled. To enable the marketplace:

  1. Ideally, enable Tenant Subdomains. (Recommended when activating the Community Marketplace.)
  2. Designate the marketplace domain.
    Learn more: Service Configuration#Community Site Configuration

Managing Catalog Contents

Service Providers can approve or reject packages that have been submitted for inclusion in the catalog, specify categories, and determine the order in which packages appear.

To manage application packages and categories:

Service Provider URL: http://{yourDomain}/networking/Service?t=1&targetpage=ViewPort.jsp
Settings > Service Provider Settings > Manage Catalog


Note: To view the catalog option when creating a new application, Marketplace Service Domain field should be blank under Community Site Configuration section of the Configure Service Settings page.

Add and delete categories. Specify category names.
View the current Catalog
Approve Packages
Review Packages pending approval
User can either:
  • [Approve] package for publication to the catalog
  • [Reject] package, and deny publication to the catalog
In either case, an email is sent to the submitter, to tell them the outcome.
Learn more: Package Approval or Rejection
Select Packages
Choose the packages to display in the Catalog
  • Move a package to the Visible column to display it in the catalog
  • Move a package to the Hidden column to remove it from the catalog
  • Set the order of the Packages


Important: Including a package in the catalog is a two-step process. First it must be approved. Then it must be moved to the Visible column, in whatever order you choose.

Publishing Packages to the Catalog

After publishing a package, a developer can provide information displayed for it when included in the marketplace/catalog. While editing or reviewing the information, the package can be submitted for inclusion in the catalog.

Learn more: Packages#Editing Catalog Information