Using External JARs

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Service Providers can configure the platform to make additional JAR files available to developers.

To configure additional JARs:

  1. Copy the jar into ../tomcat/lib
  2. Configure the platform
    1. Login as admin
    2. From the Service Provider URL: http://{yourDomain}/networking/Service?t=1&targetpage=ViewPort.jsp
    3. Go to Settings > Service Provider Settings > Service Configuration
    4. Provide the name of the jar in Libraries supported in Java Code text field and Save.
    Learn more: Service_Provider_Settings#Develop_Configuration
  3. Restart tomcat.

To use classes defined in those JARS:

  • In your Java methods, import the classes contained in the JAR files.
    For example:
import com.examples.utils.*;


Tip: Debugging can be done using Eclipse Remote debug