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Settings > Administration > Promo Code Configuration


About Promo Codes

A promotion is a special deal you offer potential customers to encourage them to try out the system. The promotion code, or promo code, for short, is a sequence of characters they enter when registering, in order to take advantage of that promotion. Sample promo codes include ConferenceSpecial, SpecialTrial, or TRYUS2015.

Working with the Promo Codes

  1. Go to Settings > Administration > Promo Code Configuration
  2. Click on an existing promo code to [Edit] it, [Clone] it (copy it), or [Delete] it.
  3. Click [New Promo Code] to add a new one.

Promo Code Settings

Promotion Code
  • Name - Give the promotion a name. (Any text, including spaces and special characters.)
  • PromoCode - The combination of letters and numbers that customers will enter to take advantage of the promotion. (Spaces and special characters are not allowed.)
  • Start Date - The date the promotion starts. It begins one second after midnight, on that date.
  • Expiration Date - The date the promotion ends. It ends at midnight of that date.
Tenant Capabilities

These are

  • Trial Days - The default is 15. A larger number gives potential customers a longer trial period.
  • Number of Users - The default is 5. A larger number allows more users to participate in the trial.
Integration Cloud Capabilities
These settings apply to the integration cloud platform, and are not used for the AgileApps Cloud platform. Consult the relevant documentation for details.