Manage and Reorder Enumerated Values

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The Enumerated Values section of the field-definition page, lets you specify the picklist values and the order in which they appear.

To specify which values appear:

  1. Click [Manage Values]
  2. Click the box under the Trash can to remove an item.
  3. Click [Add More Rows] to add additional items
  4. Click [Save] when done
  • Display Label - The label to display in the list.
  • Value - The actual value that is stored in a record (or returned to a program) when the item is chosen from the list. When the field is used to group, sort, or filter records, it is the value of the field that determines the outcome.


Note: Alphanumeric Characters are allowed in labels and values, including special characters (+ / ' - _) and spaces.

Reorder Values

In the Enumerated Values section of the field-definition page, click [Reorder Values] to change the order in which the values appear:

Picklist ReorderValues.png


Note: Reordering can be done only when the Sort List Alphabetically option is unchecked.