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Folders help to organize Reports.

In each organization, access to folders can be determined by setting visibility controls, which determine the Users, Teams or Roles that can view or modify folder data.

Learn more: Folder Visibility


About Report Folders

Reports are organized into folders and are designed to keep your information organized and secure.


Users that have the Access Control permission can control the visibility of a Report Folder. 
  • Two default report folders are available in the platform: My Reports and Unfiled Reports.
    • My Reports is a folder designed to house reports that you do not want to share with others. You can save reports that are visible only to you in this folder.
    • Unfiled Reports is a holding place for reports that do not have a specified folder. If you delete a folder that contains reports all of the reports are moved to Unfiled Reports.
  • New report folders can be added as needed from the Reports tab. As new reports are created, they can be added to folders.
  • As additional reports are created based on other Objects or Database Views, additional report sections appear
  • Use Folder Visibility in Report Folders to grant viewing rights to select Users, Roles or Teams.
  • If a User has the viewing rights to a specific report, but does not have rights to view all the data, the report will only present the data that the user has permission to access.

Working with Report Folders

Add a Reports Folder

  1. Click the Reports tab and click the New Folder link
  2. Enter a Folder Name
  3. Set the Folder Visibility options
  4. From the list of Unfiled Reports, choose existing reports to include in the new folder
  5. Click [Save]

Edit Folder Properties

  1. Click the Reports tab
  2. Choose a Folder from the Folder field and click the Edit link
  3. Optionally, change the Folder Name
  4. Set the Folder Visibility options
  5. From the list of Unfiled Reports, choose existing reports to include in the new folder
  6. Click [Save]

The new report folder appears as a section break, and the report folder is added to the list of Folders in the Reports page.

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